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Recent Reports of Scarce & Rare Sightings 2022


24th May

MULL: A new species for Mull – a male BLACK-HEADED BUNTING was found at Tiroran this morning around 7.30 in a private garden but unfortunately only hung around for less than an hour. Photos to follow..
TIREE: A female type RED-BREASTED FLYCATCHER in a private garden at Balephuil this afternoon (John Bowler).

22nd May

KINTYRE: A TURTLE DOVE arrived at a private garden nr Gigalun, Isle of Gigha (Keith Helm).

TURTLE DOVE – Gigha, Kintyre 22nd May (Keith Helm)

21st May

COLONSAY: A female RING-NECKED DUCK was found at East Loch Fada late evening yesterday and again – in better light this morning (Ian Fisher/David Jardine).

20th May

TIREE: A red adult male COMMON ROSEFINCH made a brief visit to a private garden in Balephuil around midday (John Bowler) and a WOOD SANDPIPER was at Balevullin this morning (Zul Bhatia).

19th May

ISLAY: A female HAWFINCH – early evening in at garden feeders in Glenegedale (Martin Armstrong).
TIREE: Two male GARGANEY at Loch Bhasapol this afternoon and the female BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL was seen again at Balevullin in the morning (John Bowler).

HAWFINCH – Islay 19th May (Martin Armstrong)

18th May

ISLAY: A report of a COMMON CRANE this morning in fields near Carnduncan (a farmer per James How), nut not seen subsequently. A BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL was at RSPB Loch Gruinart this afternoon (James How).
TIREE: A female BLUE-HEADED WAGTAIL was at Balevuillin this morning (Oliver Smart per John Bowler).

16th May

MULL: A BLACK KITE flew over Dervaig this afternoon (Theo de Clermont) – will be a new species for Mull & 5th for Argyll if accepted by the SBRC.
ISLAY: A MARSH HARRIER was seen at Saligo around 2pm today (Paul Hackney).

BLACK KITE – Mull 16th May (Jon Cook)
BLACK KITE – Mull 16th May (Theo de Clermont)

11th May

TIREE: A STONE-CURLEW was found and seen well near the Camp-site at Balinoe around 7.30 am but was not seen again after 8am (Keith Brockie). Only the third record for Argyll and a new species for Tiree if accepted by the SBRC.
ISLAY: a male GARGANEY was at RSPB Loch Gruinart – from the south hide (James How).

7th May

ISLAY: A male DARK-EYED JUNCO was found today in a private garden near Kildalton. A new species for Argyll.

DARK-EYED JUNCO – Islay 7th May (David Dinsley)
DARK-EYED JUNCO – Islay 7th May (David Dinsley)

28th April

MID-ARGYLL: A report of a SPOTTED REDSHANK at the Add Estuary this afternoon (Colin Woolf). Update – now confirmed as a Common Redshank.

26th April

TIREE: Two male LAPLAND BUNTINGS at Loch an Eilein today (John Bowler).

25th April

MULL: A breeding plumaged SPOTTED REDSHANK was found at Laggan Bay (Theo de Clermont/Ewan Miles). Videograbs below.

SPOTTED REDSHANK -Laggan Bay Mull 25th Apr (Theo de Clermont)
SPOTTED REDSHANK -Laggan Bay Mull 25th Apr (Theo de Clermont)

24th April

MULL: A male LAPLAND BUNTING was at the head of Loch Scridain/Loch Beg (Mike Murphy).

21st April

MULL: A female MARSH HARRIER was near Loch Don today (Glen Ellis).

17th Apr

ISLAY: An imm male MARSH HARRIER was at Loch Tallant (D. Clugston, V. Wilson per A. Murray).

15th April

ISLAY: A male GARGANEY at the RSPB Gruinart south hide before 9am (Mark Shields).

14th April

KINTYRE: An adult YELLOW-LEGGED GULL was at Kilkenzie, N of Campbeltown this am (Jim Dickson, Neil Hammatt), but no sign of the CATTLE EGRET found yesterday nr Stewarton nr Campbeltown by Victoria Russell. The three SURF SCOTERS are still off Rhunahaorine Point, Sound of Gigha (Jim Dickson, Neil Hammatt).

YELLOW-LEGGED GULL – Kilkenzie, Kintyre -14th Apr (Jim Dickson)
YELLOW-LEGGED GULL – Kilkenzie, Kintyre -14th Apr (Jim Dickson)
CATTLE EGRET Stewarton, Kintyre -13th Apr (Vic Russell).

13th April

KINTYRE: Three (a female & two imm males – both prob 2cy’s) SURF SCOTER late am today – at the Sound of Gigha (David Jardine & Frank Cavanagh).

SURF SCOTERS – Sound of Gigha, Kintyre – 13th Apr (David Jardine).
SURF SCOTERS – Sound of Gigha, Kintyre – 13th Apr (David Jardine).

11th April

TIREE: A pair of GARGANEY at Loch a’ Phuill this morning, also the 3 RING-NECKED DUCK are still present (Dylan Daunt). Five DOTTEREL were seen later at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).

DOTTERELS – Loch a’ Phuill, Tiree – 11th Apr (John Bowler).

5th April

MID-ARGYLL: A male HAWFINCH was seen behind the Oban Hospital (LIDGH), Glean Sheileach around 10.50 am (Margaret Keirnen).

29th March

COLL: A female type BLACK REDSTART was seen on the island today (Greg Smith).
TIREE: The 2cy RING-BILLED GULL was found again at Hough Bay today (John Bowler).
KINTYRE: The SNOW GOOSE is still at Drumlemble, The Laggan (Catherine Cochrane).

26th March

KINTYRE: Two drake VELVET SCOTER were at the Sound of Gigha today (David Jardine et al). Also present were 100+ Great Northern Divers, 60-70 Slavonian Grebe & 11 Long-tailed Duck.

VELVET SCOTERS – Sound of Gigha, Kintyre 26 Mar (Jim Dickson)

24th March

MULL: A GREEN WOODPECKER was reported at Croig (per Mullbirds) and apparently has been in that area most of March (Jim Spence).

22nd March

TIREE: A 2cy RING-BILLED GULL was found at Hough today (Keith Gillon).
ISLAY: The adult RED-BREASTED GOOSE was relocated at Octomore (Larry Griffin).

2cy RING-BILLED GULL – Hough, Tiree 22 Mar (Keith Gillon).

20th March

MID-ARGYLL: A RED KITE was seen and filmed over Kilcrenan (Callum Leitch).

19th March

MID-ARGYLL: A RED KITE was seen over Kilninver (John Speirs). A STOCK DOVE was seen over Dunnamuck N of Lochgilphead (Jim Dickson).

RED KITE – Kilninver, Mid-Argyll 19 Mar (John Speirs).

13th March

KINTYRE: A white-phase adult SNOW GOOSE in with geese at Drumlemble this pm (Chris Griffin per Birdguides reports). Also reported 14 & 15 Mar.

SNOW GOOSE – Drumlemble, Kintyre 14 Mar (Jim Dickson).

25th February

ISLAY: An adult WHITE-BILLED DIVER drifting SW off Carraig Fhada, nr Port Ellen this morning with 15 Great Northern nearby and a further 8 Great Northern further to SW (Will Scott).
Also, generally more Iceland Gulls appearing in last few days with prob 5 or more on Islay..

WHITE-BILLED DIVER – Islay 25th Feb (Will Scott).
WHITE-BILLED DIVER – Islay 25th Feb (Will Scott).

19th February

COLONSAY: Two POMARINE SKUA – at sea off Colonsay (David Jardine). Presumably a consequence of storm Eunice.

17th February

COWAL: Six LITTLE EGRETS together at Shellfield, Loch Stiven (Eric Roy). Note – many others across Argyll c15+ however this is highest count since last Sep.
MID-ARGYLL: A STOCK DOVE flying W over Drimvore, nr Moine Mhor (Jim Dickson).
ISLAY: Adult RED-BREASTED GOOSE seen again today – on mud with Barnacle geese off Carnain (per Birdguides).

14th February

ISLAY: Four LESEER SCAUP at Loch Skerrols (a new adult male with a first-winter male and two first-winter females). (Jim Dickson/Peter Roberts).

LESSER SCAUP (ad & 1w males) at Loch Skerrols, Islay – 14 Feb (Jim Dickson).
LESSER SCAUP (female, ad & 1w males) at Loch Skerrols, Islay – 14 Feb (Jim Dickson).

10th February

KINTYRE: A redhead SMEW reported today on a loch inland (east of) Tayinloan.

2nd February

MULL: A ‘SIBERIAN’ CHIFFCHAFF today in a garden at Dervaig (Ewan Miles).

‘SIBERIAN’ CHIFFCHAFF – Mull – 2nd Feb (Ewan Miles).

26th January

ISLAY: The CACKLING GOOSE and RED-BREASTED GOOSE (first found last Oct) were relocated today, viewed from Lyrabus, after a gap of c 2 months (Roger Riddington).
KINTYRE: A TODD’S CANADA GOOSE again on the Laggan nr Campbeltown between Chiskan and Strath Farm. Also 1,200 Greenland White-fronts & 66 Pink-footed geese nearby (Tom Lowe).

TODD’S CANADA GOOSE – Kintyre 26th Jan (Tom Lowe).

24th January

ISLAY: A male RING OUZEL was seen at Eillister today (Mary Redman). Two (2cy m +f) LESSER SCAUP are still at Loch Skerrols.
TIREE: The 2 fem RING -NECKED DUCKS are still at Loch Bhasapol and the 2cy male RING -NECKED DUCK is at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: A report of a WAXWING this afternoon in Cairnbaan – no further details (per Birdguides).

18th January

MID-ARGYLL: A second-winter (3cy) YELLOW-LEGGED GULL was at the head of Loch Gilp 10-10.30 this morning then flew off south (Jim Dickson).

3cy YELLOW-LEGGED GULL – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 18 Jan (Jim Dickson).

17th January

MID-ARGYLL: A first-winter (2cy) LITTLE GULL at the head of Loch Gilp this afternoon (Jim Dickson/David Jardine).

10th January

COWAL: A LITTLE AUK was found alive in a garden at the head of Loch Striven, then returned to the loch (G & D Kirby). One was also seen flyby at Sorobaidh Bay TIREE yesterday (John Bowler).

6th January

TIREE: A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF at Balephuil today (John Bowler).

5th January

TIREE: Three (1m, 2ff) RING-NECKED DUCK at Loch Bhasapol and another (1cy male) at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).

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