Scarce & Rare Sightings 2022

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The 2021 ARGYLL BIRD REPORT was published on 23rd April (click here) Argyll Bird Report 33 2021




Recent Reports of Scarce & Rare Sightings 2022


31st December

ISLAY: Female-type SURF SCOTER showing well on Loch Indaal, Islay with a small group of Common Scoters off Blackrock viewed from the Sunderland Memorial by A847 at 11:15 (Jonathan Farooqi).

SURF SCOTER (on right) – Islay 31st Dec (Jonathan Farooqi).

27th December

COLL: Breaking news today of a fem/imm HARLEQUIN DUCK found & photographed at Feall Bay on 22 Dec by Ben Jones. One previous Argyll record – on Islay in Oct 1987.

HARLEQUIN – Coll, 22nd Dec (Ben Jones)

26th December

MID-ARGYLL: A WAXWING in Kilmartin this morning was a good find and new garden species for Frank Cavannagh.

22nd December

KINTYRE: The male RING-NECKED DUCK is still at Loch Lussa (Jim Dickson/David Jardine).

RING-NECKED DUCK – Kintyre 22nd Dec (Jim Dickson)

17th December

KINTYRE: The Richardson’s CACKLING/TODD’S CANADA GOOSE duo were opposite the Campbeltown Airport terminal building this afternoon and a Snow Bunting in the hills above Tayinloan (Tom Lowe).

16th December

TIREE: A drake GREEN-WINGED TEAL was at Loch Bhasapol this afternoon and 7 (inc 5 juvs) EUROPEAN WHITEFRONTED GEESE were at Balephuil. Also a juv GLAUCOUS GULL at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).

EUROPEAN WHITEFRONTED GEESE – Tiree 16th Dec (John Bowler)

13th December

KINTYRE: The drake RING-NECKED DUCK & drake POCHARD are still at Loch Lussa and also 2 CACKLING GEESE there (Alex Ash).

12th December

KINTYRE: A drake RING-NECKED DUCK on Loch Lussa this afternoon – also a drake POCHARD there (Alex Ash).
MID-ARGYLL: A RED KITE at Dunbeg this morning (David Jardine).

RING-NECKED DUCK – Kintyre 12th Dec (Alex Ash)

6th December

MID-ARGYLL: A juvenile SPOTTED SANDPIPER was found at Clachan, Seil Island around midday (Jack Waldie). Only the fifth record for Argyll if accepted by the BBRC.

SPOTTED SANDPIPER – Seil, Mid-Argyll 6th Dec (Jack Waldie)
SPOTTED SANDPIPER – Seil, Mid-Argyll 6th Dec (Jack Waldie)

3rd December

MULL: The YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER at Craignure is still present, seen at midday (Chris Austick, Nancy Somerville).
KINTYRE: A TODD’S CANADA GOOSE and a CACKLING GOOSE were in a field at Kilmichael, N of Campbeltown along with Greenland White-fronted and Greylag geese (Tom Lowe).

TODD’S (left) and CACKLING GOOSE (right) Kintyre – 3rd Dec (Tom Lowe).

1st December

MULL: A ‘SIBERIAN’ CHIFFCHAFF was in a garden at Dervaig today (Pete Walkden, Ewan Miles).

28th November

MULL:YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was found at Craignure on 27 Nov & still present today (Chris Austick).
TIREE: A ‘SIBERIAN’ CHIFFCHAFF was new at Balephuil today and also a fem POCHARD at Loch Bhasapol (John Bowler).

24th November

ARGYLL: Not a full invasion however a trickle of WAXWING sightings with single birds reported from Tarbert, Kintyre on 16/11, Fionnphort, Mull on 20/11, Port Charlotte, Islay on 20/11 and two sites at Carradale, Kintyre on 23 & 24/11.
COWAL: A fem/imm GARGANEY was at the Holy Loch on 19 Nov (Alex Ash).

22nd November

KINTYRE: Interesting reports from Neil Brown of MAGPIE sightings from four separate areas of 5 birds today from Southend to Carradale.

18th November

ISLAY: A report of a COMMON/PALLID SWIFT over Port Wemyss – seen for a minute or so then flew off south (S Graham per Islay Whatsapp group).

17th November

TIREE: A juvenile male LESSER SCAUP was found at Loch Bhasapol this morning. With 33 Tufted Duck and 2 juv Greater Scaup (Jim Dickson).

LESSER SCAUP – Tiree 17th Nov (Jim Dickson)
LESSER SCAUP – Tiree 17th Nov (Jim Dickson)

16th November

MID-ARGYLL/KINTYRE: A WAXWING flew over into a private forest area (per Birdguides).

15th November

ISLAY: A YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was found this morning in Port Charlotte (Stuart/Islay WhatsApp group).
TIREE: A recently deceased SOOTY SHEARWATER was found on the tideline at Traigh Bhagh, Crossapol (Hayley Douglas).

SOOTY SHEARWATER – Tiree 15th Nov (Jim Dickson)

13th November

TIREE: A group of 4 presumed TODD’S CANADA GEESE turned up at Salum (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: An imm BLACK REDSTART was reported at unfinished house near Largiebaan, Mull of Kintyre (Stu Crutchfield).

10th November

ISLAY: A LEACH’S PETREL and a juv POMARINE SKUA both seen from the Kennacraig to Islay ferry just before 3pm (Mark Lewis).

8th November

TIREE: A juvenile ROSE-COLOURED STARLING was with a group on Common Starlings at Vaul seaside area this morning (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: A f/imm BLACK REDSTART was found near the ferry slip at Tarbert (Mark Lewis).

ROSE-COLOURED STARLING – Tiree 8th Nov (Jim Dickson)

6th November

ISLAY: A juvenile PALLID HARRIER was found by Neil McMahon and his group this afternoon – first at Machir Bay and again later at Sanaigmore. Only the third record for Argyll if accepted by the BBRC.
MID-ARGYLL: The male RING-NECKED DUCK from Loch nan Druimean has now moved to Loch Scammadale (Jack Waldie).

PALLID HARRIER – Islay 6th Nov (Neil McMahon)
PALLID HARRIER – Islay 6th Nov (Neil McMahon)
PALLID HARRIER – Islay 6th Nov (Neil McMahon)

1st November

MID-ARGYLL: A male RING-NECKED DUCK with the usual Tufties at Loch nan Druimnean, S of Oban (David Jardine). A good find away from Islay & Tiree.

RING- NECKED DUCK – Mid-Argyll 1st Nov (David Jardine)

31st October

MULL: A probable PALLID SWIFT was reported at Fionnphort at 15.20 hrs, but ID not confirmed (Andrew Painting). Also, a COMMON/PALLID SWIFT was seen overhead at Kilchoan on Thurs 27 Oct (Ewan Miles) and the HOOPOE still present at Croig until 29 Oct at least.

27th October

ISLAY: A juv/1cy COMMON ROSEFINCH was in a garden on west side of Loch Gruinart  at lunchtime (James How).
MULL: The HOOPOE at Croig has been seen again today. Last noted on 20th Oct.

COMMON ROSEFINCH – Islay 27th Oct (James How).

26th October

KINTYRE: A report of a COMMON/PALLID SWIFT seen briefly over Ronachan Point (Alex Ash). A 1cy MEDITERRANEN GULL was at Stewarton y’day 25 Oct (Neil Brown).
TIREE: A juvenile AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER was at Barrapol late morning (Jim Dickson).
COLL: A belated report, via ebird of a ‘Siberian’ LESSER WHITETHROAT seen and photographed at Arinagour on 19th Oct (Andy Tonge).

AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER – Tiree 26th Oct (Jim Dickson).

24th October

TIREE: The FIRECREST & ‘Siberian’ LESSER WHITETHROAT are still at Balephuil – also 3 Blackcaps there & a further 3 Blackcaps around the island. Also, a Snow Bunting at Sandaig & a Ruff at Barrapol.

SNOW BUNTING – Tiree 24th Oct (Jim Dickson)

22nd October

TIREE: A FIRECREST was new in at the garden in Balephuil this afternoon. The ‘Siberian’ LESSER WHITETHROAT is still present, also 2 Blackcaps & 3 Goldcrest (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: A COMMON/PALLID SWIFT was seen briefly over Lephenstrath at 15.30 today (Ann Hand).
ISLAY: A GREY PHALAROPE was at Loch Gruinart today (Judith Hooper).

FIRECREST – Tiree 22nd Oct (Jim Dickson).
FIRECREST – Tiree 22nd Oct (Jim Dickson).

21st October

TIREE: A putative ‘Siberian’ LESSER WHITETHROAT was at Balephuil today (Jim Dickson). A juv POMARINE SKUA, juv Arctic Skua & 1 Storm Petrel were seen from the Tiree ferry off Gunna Sound on 20th Oct (John Bowler).
MULL: A fem VELVET SCOTER was found at Loch na Keal (Brian Boyes).

SIBERIAN LESSER WHITETHROAT – Tiree 21st Oct (Jim Dickson)

18th October

ISLAY: A GREY PHALAROPE was found dead at Currie Sands, Portnahaven today (Mary Redman).
MULL: A HOOPOE was at Croig from 16- 18 Oct (Mike Hardaker).
RED KITES – a big record (by Argyll standards) influx was witnessed today with 5 together over Loch Frisa, Mull and 10 together over Tayinloan area, Kintyre

Grey Phalarope – Islay 18th Oct (Mary Redman)

17th October

TIREE: A YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was new in at Balephuil today along with migrant Siskins (John Bowler).
KINTYRE: A juv MEDITERRANEAN GULL flew over the goose fields at Rhunahaorine today (Tom Lowe).

16th October

ISLAY: A GREY PHALAROPE hanging around the sea area at Port Wemyss opposite Orsay from early afternoon.
MULL: Passage at Caliach Point included 1 Arctic Skua and 1 adult POMARINE SKUA > S (Theo de Clermont).

15th October

MULL: A GREY PHALAROPE was seen from the Colonsay to Oban ferry – towards Mull (Frank Cavanagh)

13th October

MULL: A late season WHIMBREL flew over Salen Bay today (Theo de Clermont).
TIREE: A juv AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER was seen again at Loch A’ Phuill today (John Bowler).

12th October

TIREE: The juv BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER was seen again at Loch A’ Phuill (John Bowler).
ISLAY: A male POCHARD was at Loch Gorm today (Peter Roberts). A LITTLE EGRET, 3 RUFF & 12 GADWALL were at Loch Gruinart floods (Bob Davison et al).

11th October

ISLAY: Now 2 TODD’S type CANADA GEESE reported at Loch Gruinat (James How).

10th October

TIREE: Juvenile BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER again at Loch a’ Phuill today, also 4 POMARINE SKUAS and 1 SOOTY SHEARWATER off Aird in 1hr from 0730am (John Bowler).
ISLAY: A TODD’S type CANADA GOOSE at Loch Gruinart today (James How).

8th October

TIREE: Juv PECTORAL SANDPIPER again at Loch a’ Phuill.
COLL: A LONG-TAILED SKUA (age not given) was reported from the Oban – Tiree ferry off Coll early afternoon (per Birdguides).
ISLAY: A small type CANADA (Cackling?) GOOSE was reported at Bridgend today in with c 1600 Barnacle Geese (Mark Newell).

7th October

TIREE: A good day for Nearctic waders with single juv BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER, PECTORAL SANDPIPER and AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER at Loch a’ Phuilland another juv AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER at Crossapol (John Bowler).
ISLAY: An adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL was at Blackrock, Loch Indaal (Martin Newell). Two TREE SPARROWS were seen near Redhouse yesterday (Gary Turnbull).

5th October

TIREE: A juvenile AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER – presumably a new individual was found at Barrapol today (John Bowler).
ISLAY: A report of a TURTLE DOVE in the Loch Gorm area today (per Islay WhatsApp).

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