25th September

ISLAY: A HOOPOE today at Whin Park, near Bridgend (Mary Redman, James How et al).

HOOPOE – Islay 25th Sep (James How)







TIREE: John Bowler has had a very busy 7-10 days with around numerous birders visiting the island over that spell. News out today includes – the 1w Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was present at Balephuil on 15-23 Sep and has now gone. A Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper at Sorobaidh Bay on 22-23 Sep – found by Simon Nichols. Adult American Golden Plover at Sandaig/Greenhill on 21-22 Sep. 1CY Marsh Warbler at Balephuil on 19 Sep (only). 1CY Pied Flycatcher at Balephuil on 20 Sep (only). Lesser Whitethroats at Balephuil on 10-17 Sep and 19-24 Sep (all John Bowler unless stated otherwise).