22nd November

ISLAY: Mike Peacock has been counting Great Northern Divers at the mouth of Loch Indaal as they come in to roost. Counting congregating birds at roost has been used on Mull by David Shackleton as a means to monitoring this species numbers. Today birds started to congregate off Laggan Point from 15:30 to 1640, with groups swimming out of Loch Indaal with others swimming from further down the loch. Two loose flocks formed one of 75, the other 56  :– total of 131 birds.
TIREE: And now a female Hawfinch at Balephuil! Also 1 Chiffchaff still there and 1 Woodcock plus 1 Greenfinch (John Bowler).

female Hawfinch – Balephuil, Tiree 22 Nov (John Bowler).
Great Northern Diver – Loch Indaal, Islay 22 Nov (Mike Peacock.