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The 2022 ARGYLL BIRD REPORT Volume 34 with Systematic List for 2022 was published on 21 March 2023 as a PDF – (available to ABC members only by an emailed link)



Recent Reports of Scarce & Rare Sightings 2023


21st March

The ARGYLL BIRD REPORT for 2022 has now been published – again as a PDF. Subscribed members of the ABC will be sent their copies today. Anyone who is not a club member and would like a copy are warmly encouraged to join the Club – details on this website under heading – The Club > Membership.

20th March

MID-ARGYLL: a male LESSER SCAUP this morning at St Mary’s Loch near Ford  (David Jardine, Jim Dickson).

LESSER SCAUP St Mary’s Loch, Mid-Argyll 20th Mar (Jim Dickson)
LESSER SCAUP St Mary’s Loch, Mid-Argyll 20th Mar (Jim Dickson)

16th March

MULL: An ALPINE SWIFT was seen over Dun I cairn at north end of Iona mid-afternoon (Will Miles et al). Only the third for Argyll – last two were singles were in April 1993 & July 1994.

ALPINE SWIFT – Iona, Mull 16th Mar (Will Miles)
ALPINE SWIFT – Iona, Mull 16th Mar (Will Miles)

14th March

MULL: A FIRECREST was in a private garden at Dervaig this morning (Andy Blagden).

10th March

TIREE: A RED-NECKED GREBE appeared at Balephetrish Bay today (John Bowler) – his first sighting of one on Tiree in 21 years! Also an adult GLAUCOUS GULL was at Loch Bhasapol.

5th March

MULL: A juvenile ICELAND GULL was seen between Lismore & Kerrera.

4th March

MULL: Female VELVET SCOTER off Knock, Loch na Keal.

2nd March

TIREE: A juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL at Traigh Bhi today (John Bowler).
KINTYRE: Adult male SURF SCOTER & two male VELVET SCOTER still at Sound of Gigha, seen from Ballochroy.
ISLAY: Adult male AMERICAN WIGEON still at Loch Gorm (Jim Dickson, David Jardine). Also still on the island – RED-BREASTED GOOSE, CACKLING GOOSE & fem MARSH HARRIER in the Gruinart area, female/imm  SURF SCOTER still at Loch Indaal, seen from Bowmore, a juv GLAUCOUS GULL at Uiskentuie and a notable count of 6 LITTLE EGRETS at Gruinart floods.

Juv GLAUCOUS GULL – Islay 2nd Mar (Jim Dickson)

24th February

KINTYRE/MID-ARGYLL: A RED-NECKED GREBE was seen on the sea from the Kennacraig to Port Askaig ferry early afternoon (Luke Marriner).
ISLAY: A GREAT WHITE EGRET flew off RSPB flood towards Gruinart Farm at dusk over north hide (Steve Percival).

20th February

MID-ARGYLL: A male RING-NECKED DUCK was found this morning at Glenfeochan Loch, near Kilmore (Bob Grove).

RING-NECKED DUCK – Glenfeochan, Mid-Argyll 20th Feb (Jim Dickson)

13th February

ISLAY: Another 2 adult ‘RUSSIAN’ WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were found just east of Port Ellen this morning (Tom Lowe).
KINTYRE: The adult male & 2cy SURF SCOTERS were seen again off Rhunahaorine Point – also 2 male VELVET SCOTERS still there and a LITTLE AUK corpse found nearby at Point Sands (Jim Dickson).

‘RUSSIAN’ WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE – Port Ellen, Islay 13th Feb (Tom Lowe)

12th February

ISLAY: Another adult ‘RUSSIAN’ WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was found today at Gruinart, the adult RED-BREASTED GOOSE showed well at Gruinart, the female SURF & VELVET SCOTERS were off Blackrock,  juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL at Uiskentuie and 60 Purple Sands at Ardnave (Tom Lowe).

Juv GLAUCOUS GULL – Uiskentuie, Islay 12th Feb (Tom Lowe)
‘RUSSIAN’ WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE Gruinart, Islay 12th Feb (Tom Lowe).

11th February

ISLAY: The male AMERICAN WIGEON again at Loch Gorm & a LAPLAND BUNTING NE of Sanaigmore (Tom Lowe) and the 2cy fem SURF SCOTER again off Bowmore Pier, Loch Indaal – also a female VELVET SCOTER there (Dan Pointon).

AMERICAN WIGEON – Loch Gorm, Islay 11th Feb (Tom Lowe)

10th February

ISLAY: An adult “RUSSIAN” WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was a new find at Corsapol today and the RED-BREASTED GOOSE was re-found at RSPB Loch Gruinart (Tom Lowe).

RED-BREASTED GOOSE – Gruinart, Islay 10th Feb (Tom Lowe)
“RUSSIAN” WHITE-FRONT (left) – Corsapol, Islay 10th Feb (Tom Lowe)

9th February

ISLAY: A male SURF SCOTER was a new find off Ardnave Point today, also the male AMERICAN WIGEON was refound at Loch Gorm and the CACKLING GOOSE was at Carnain (David & Janet Franklin, Tom Lowe et al).

CACKLING GOOSE – Carnain, Islay 9th Feb (Tom Lowe)
SURF SCOTER – Ardnave, Islay 9th Feb (D & J Franklin).

7th February

KINTYRE: The adult male and fem/imm SURF SCOTERS are still present off Rhunahaorine Point – also, nearby at Ballochroy 2 male VELVET SCOTERS and the ‘NORTHERN’ EIDER again at Campbeltown harbour (Tom Lowe).

SURF SCOTERS – Kintyre 7th Feb (Tom Lowe)
VELVET SCOTERS – Kintyre – 7th Feb (Tom Lowe).

4th February

MID-ARGYLL: A juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL was at Loch Gilp this pm (Jim Dickson).

GLAUCOUS GULL – Loch Gilp 4th Feb (Jim Dickson)

29th January

ISLAY: The juvenile PALLID HARRIER was seen again – this time from Margaret Brooke’s garden at Kilchoman and confirmed by James How.

27th January

KINTYRE: The ‘NORTHERN’ EIDER was still showing well at Campletown Loch this morning – head of loch & harbour area (Jim Dickson, David Jardine).

‘NORTHERN’ EIDER – Kintyre 27th Jan (Jim Dickson).
‘NORTHERN’ EIDER – Kintyre 27th Jan (Jim Dickson).

26th January

KINTYRE: A drake NORTHERN EIDER with the Common Eider flock at Campbeltown harbour today – also 2 first-winter RUSSIAN WHITE-FRONTED GEESE behind school at Drumlemble (Tom Lowe).

25th January

MID-ARGYLL: An adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL was off Inverneil – feeding with huge movement of Kittiwakes & Common Gulls  – 4,000+ total (Jim Dickson).

23rd January

KINTYRE: Now 2 SURF SCOTERS off Rhunahaorine Point (ad male with f/imm type). Also the CACKLING & TODD’S CANADA GOOSE still opposite Campbeltown airport entrance (Tom Lowe).
ISLAY: A GREEN SANDPIPER was seen at the RSPB Loch Gruinart flats (Mark Shields).

SURF SCOTERS – Kintyre 23rd Jan (Tom Lowe).

20th January

ISLAY: The female type SURF SCOTER was noted again off Blackrocks, Loch Indaal today and the adult RED-BREASTED GOOSE was seen again in fields near Mulindry.
KINTYRE: an adult male SURF SCOTER seen distantly off Rhunahaorine Point at middday (David Jardine).

18th January

ISLAY: A juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL was at Carnain (Neil Hammatt).

15th January

TIREE: A juvenile GLAUCOUS GULL at Balemartine and a fem GREATER SCAUP at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).

13th January

TIREE: A dark KUMLIEN’S GULL this am at Sorobaidh Bay (John Bowler).

KUMLIEN’S GULL – Tiree 13th Jan (John Bowler)
KUMLIEN’S GULL – Tiree 13th Jan (John Bowler)

12th January

KINTYRE: A report of 2 SNOW GEESE near the road running down to Parkfergus Farm, Machrihanish (Jimi McCallum).

7th January

COLONSAY: An ICELAND GULL seen on the island today (David Jardine et al).
MID-ARGYLL: One WAXWING in Kilmartin today & COOT still at Loch Seil (Jim Dickson).

6th January

MID-ARGYLL: Three WAXWING seen in Kilmartin village today (Janet Jardine).

3rd January

ISLAY: No sign of the PALLID HARRIER since 1st Jan however the RED-BREASTED GOOSE was again at Gruinart, CACKLING GOOSE at Lyrabus, SURF SCOTER off Blackrocks, AMERICAN WIGEON at Loch Gorm – also Marsh Harrier, 2 Pochard, 2 Greater Scaup, 1 Little Egret still around (Jonathan Farooqi, Jim Dickson et al).

RED-BREASTED GOOSE – Islay 3rd Jan (Jim Dickson).
CACKLING GOOSE – Islay 3rd Jan (Jim Dickson).

1st January

ISLAY: A RED-BREASTED GOOSE on the Gruinart flats with Barnacle Geese, a male AMERICAN WIGEON on Loch Gorm, also 2 male POCHARD and a MARSH HARRIER there, the fem type SURF SCOTER still at Loch Indaal and a first-winter PALLID HARRIER at Machir Bay – also juv GLAUCOUS GULL there (presumably same as found on 6th Nov) – (Jonathan Farooqi).
MID-ARGYLL: A juv GLAUCOUS GULL at Loch Gilp late morning (Jim Dickson). Two sightings of a WAXWING around Kilmartin this afternoon (Janet & David Jardine, Frank Cavannagh).

SURF SCOTER (with Common Scoters) – Islay – 1st Jan (Jonathan Farooqi).
PALLID HARRIER – Islay 1st Jan (Jonathan Farooqi).

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