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Recent Reports of Scarce & Rare Sightings 2023


2nd June

ISLAY: A TURTLE DOVE made an appearance at the RSPB farm at Kinnabus, The Oa this morning. (David Dinsley).
COWAL: A probable RED-RUMPED SWALLOW – was seen briefly with other hirundines in the hills to the south of Stronafian early evening (Neil Hammatt).

TURTLE DOVE – Kinnabus, Islay 2nd Jun (David Dinsley)

1st June

TIREE: Two LITTLE STINT were at Gott Bay early morning & 3 CURLEW SANDPIPER at Hynish early evening (Keith Gillon) and a singing LESSER WHITETHROAT at Cornaigbeg mid-morning & early afternoon (Keith Gillon/John Bowler).

CURLEW SANDPIPER – Hynish, Tiree 1st Jun (Keith Gillon)
LITTLE STING – Hynish, Tiree 1st Jun (Keith Gillon)

31st May

MULL: An as yet unconfirmed report of a CETTI’S WARBLER near the Tobermory water treatment works – would potentially be a new species for Argyll.

29th May

MID-ARGYLL: A report of a MARSH HARRIER early morning around the Dunadd area (per James Lehmann).
TIREE: A female BLACK REDSTART early evening at Balephuil (John Bowler).
MULL: An adult LONG-TAILED SKUA was seen off Tobermory & NW Sound of Mull this morning (Stuart Gibson).

26th May

MID-ARGYLL: A first summer (2cy) MEDITERRANEAN GULL at Loch Gilp this morning (Jim Dickson).
ISLAY: A LITTLE STINT at north hide scrapes, RSPB Loch Gruinart c 08.30 hrs (James How).

21st May

MULL: A report of a HOBBY carrying prey of some sort at Balliscate after 4pm (Vaughan Foulkes-Arnold).

19th May

MULL: The adult male AMERICAN WIGEON is still present at Killiechronan, Loch na Keal.

AMERICAN WIGEON – Mull 19th May (Ewan Miles)

18th May

MULL: A HOOPOE was in fields beneath Arle Lodge, North of Salen after 19.30 hrs (Theo de Clermont).

HOOPOE – Mull 18th May (Theo de Clermont)

15th May

MULL: A male AMERICAN WIGEON found at midday just north of Killiechronan, Loch na Keal (Andy Beevers per Ewan Miles).
ISLAY: A WOOD SANDPIPER at RSPB Gruinart north hide this evening (James How).

AMERICAN WIGEON – Loch na Keal, Mull 15th May (Mark Chambers)

12th May

TIREE: A WOOD SANDPIPER was new in at a site on the island this morning (John Bowler) and one was at an inland site in North Argyll on 9 May (Jim Dickson/David Jarrdine).
COLONSAY: The long staying HOOPOE was seen again at Milbuie in the morning.
ISLAY: A male GREEN-WINGED TEAL was reported again at RSPB Loch Gruinart.


11th May

ISLAY: A ‘possible’ (80% sure) WHISKERED TERN off Port Ellen at Kilnaughton Bay 2.30pm – showing a very dark belly (Steve Rogers).
MULL: A HOOPOE was at Lochbuie, Mull in the woods by the house at the start of the track leading up to the stone circle (Keith Warren).

8th May

ISLAY: A male GARGANEY at RSPB Gruinart south hide today (James How).
KINTYRE: A male HAWFINCH was in a garden at Southend 4-6 May (Margaret Bakes).

HAWFINCH – Southend, Kintyre 4-6th May (Margaret Bakes)

6th May

TIREE: A HOOPOE was at The Manse, Scarinish this morning (John Bowler).

HOOPOE – Tiree 5th May (John Bowler)
HOOPOE – Tiree 5th May (John Bowler)

4th May

COLL: A HONEY-BUZZARD flew over Arinagour this evening, also a LONG-TAILED SKUA was seen off there on 2 May (Greg Smith).
TIREE: A female MARSH HARRIER today at Loch Bhasapol (John Bowler).

2nd May

COLONSAY: The long staying HOOPOE is still at Milbuie – seen after 4pm today (Alan Davis).
MULL: An adult LITTLE GULL was seen at the Sound of Mull today (Greg Smith).

HOOPOE – Colonsay 2nd May (Alan Davis)

1st May

TIREE: A HOBBY flew around and over the garden at Balephuil (1030-35hrs) before heading off towards Hynish, also a female Redstart there (John Bowler).

28th April

COLONSAY: The HOOPOE is still present at Milbuie this evening (Dan Pointon).

26th April

TIREE: A TREE SPARROW was at Balephuil today (John Bowler).
COLONSAY: The elusive HOOPOE turned up again at Milbuie this evening (David Jardine).

TREE SPARROW – Balephuil, Tiree 26th Apr (John Bowler).

24th April

ISLAY: A PECTORAL SANDPIPER & drake GREEN-WINGED TEAL at north hide, RSPB Loch Gruinart, Islay late afternoon (per James How).
COLONSAY: The long staying HOOPOE is still around today – turning up in various gardens (David Jardine et al).

23rd April

MULL: Two DOTTEREL today at Caliach Point (Tony Dudley Clarke per Mike Murphy).

DOTTEREL – Caliach Point, Mull 23rd Apr (Tony Dudley Clarke)

21st April

ISLAY: A 2cy ICELAND GULL off Nave Island, Ardnave (Peter Roberts).
COWAL: A RED KITE flew over Glen Striven at 2.50 pm (Neil Hammatt).
KINTYRE: A HOBBY was seen well, flying into the wind along the Gobagrennan Road, north of Campbeltown (Neil Brown).

20th April

COLONSAY: A female LAPLAND BUNTING found today at he south end of Oronsay (David Jardine). Also a 2cy ICELAND GULL at the Strand (Janet & David Jardine).

19th April

KINTYRE: A RED KITE was seen flying over Lephenstrath Bridge early afternoon ( A & N Hand).
COLONSAY: Another report of the HOOPOE on the island – now at Kilchattan this morning (per David Jardine).
MULL: A RED KITE was seen flying W over Salen (Martin Keivers per Mull Birds).

17th April

TIREE: A male GOLDEN ORIOLE was in the gorse near Heylipol Church in the evening. Also a Lapland Bunting and a Whimbrel at Crossapol Point this morning (John Bowler).

GOLDEN ORIOLE – Heylipol, Tiree 17th Apr (John Bowler)

14th April

MULL: An adult GLAUCOUS GULL was seen at Loch Tuath (Oliver Smart).
COLONSAY: HOOPOE still present on the island (Morgan Vaughan).

HOOPOE – Colonsay 14th Apr (Morgan Vaughan)
HOOPOE – Colonsay 14th Apr (Morgan Vaughan)

13th April

COLONSAY: The HOOPOE is still present at Milbuie today – it fourth day (per David Jardine).
MID-ARGYLL: A presumed RED KITE (Buzzard sized, long thin wings & forked tail..) above Achnabreck, N Lochgilphead early afternoon (Fiona Dickson).
MULL: A report of a BLACK REDSTART yesterday 12 Apr at Loch Spelve (per Birdguides), and a dark-phase adult POMARINE SKUA of NW Mull on 12 Apr (I. Greene)

11th April

COLONSAY: A HOOPOE was found at Milbuie yesterday – 10/4 and still there today (Lotta Leehay – spelling?).
TIREE: A 2cy MEDITERRANEN GULL was at Loch an Eilein today – only 10th record for Tiree (John Bowler).

8th April

KINTYRE / MID-ARGYLL: Two STOCK DOVES today – one at Saddel, Kintyre and 1 at Kerrera, Mid-Argyll (David Jardine). A first-summer (2cy) MEDITERRANEAN GULL was at the head of Loch Gilp with c 20 Black-headed Gulls this morning (Jim Dickson).

1st April

MULL: An adult GLAUCOUS GULL was at Loch na Keal today (Alan Graham).
ISLAY: The RED-BREASTED GOOSE is still present at Gruinart today.

31st March

TIREE: A STOCK DOVE was at Balinoe today – only the fifth record for the island (John Bowler).

29th March

ISLAY: A male RING-NECKED DUCK was reported from Loch Ballygrant.

27th March

MULL: An ALPINE SWIFT was seen near a group of 7 Sand Matins at Pennygown campsite then flew towards the airfield – 2km east of Salen (Adrian Robinson).

26th March

ISLAY: RED-BREASTED GOOSE, SURF SCOTER & AMERICAN WIGEON are all still present on the Island. An early House Martin was recorded yesterday at Port Wemyss.
ARGYLL (general): Summer migrants recently include – Sand Martins from 19/3, Wheatears from 21/3, Sandwich Terns from 21/3, Manx Shearwater from 22/3, Chiffchaffs from 24/3, House Martin from 25/3 and Willow Warbler from 26/3. An Argyll spring migrants table will be posted in due course.

24th March

KINTYRE: A ‘RUSSIAN’ WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE at Rhunahaorine and nearby 30 Slavonian Grebe at Ballochroy (Tom Lowe).
MID-ARGYLL: A RED KITE was reported over Achnabreck, ne Cairnbaan Hotel. An unconfirmed report of an ALPINE SWIFT – seen for a few minutes high over Crinan Harbour (Adam Gull et al).
TIREE: Two GLAUCOUS GULLS (juv & adult) at Loch Bhasapol (Keih Gillon).

GLAUCOUS GULL Loch Bhasapol, Tiree 24th Mar (Keith Gillon)

23rd March

MID-ARGYLL: An ALPINE SWIFT passed briefly over Oban town centre at 11.20 an (Bob Grove). Also another report, of 2 ALPINE SWIFTS at Ganavan Sands at 08.30 flying low over beach for several minutes then went high off north (David James)  and again at Ganavan Sands at 4-4.15 pm 2 were (presumably same) seen at close range (Margaret Anne Young). The male LESSER SCAUP is still at St Mary’s Loch nr Ford.
ISLAY: The male AMERICAN WIGEON is still at Loch Gorm.
TIREE: A female VELVET SCOTER was at Sorobaidh Bay (Keith Gillon/John Bowler).

21st March

The ARGYLL BIRD REPORT for 2022 has now been published – again as a PDF. Subscribed members of the ABC will be sent their copies today. Anyone who is not a club member and would like a copy are warmly encouraged to join the Club – details on this website under heading – The Club > Membership.

20th March

MID-ARGYLL: a male LESSER SCAUP this morning at St Mary’s Loch near Ford  (David Jardine, Jim Dickson).

LESSER SCAUP St Mary’s Loch, Mid-Argyll 20th Mar (Jim Dickson)
LESSER SCAUP St Mary’s Loch, Mid-Argyll 20th Mar (Jim Dickson)

16th March

MULL: An ALPINE SWIFT was seen over Dun I cairn at north end of Iona mid-afternoon (Will Miles et al). Only the third for Argyll – last two were singles were in April 1993 & July 1994.

ALPINE SWIFT – Iona, Mull 16th Mar (Will Miles)
ALPINE SWIFT – Iona, Mull 16th Mar (Will Miles)

14th March

MULL: A FIRECREST was in a private garden at Dervaig this morning (Andy Blagden).

10th March

TIREE: A RED-NECKED GREBE appeared at Balephetrish Bay today (John Bowler) – his first sighting of one on Tiree in 21 years! Also an adult GLAUCOUS GULL was at Loch Bhasapol.

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