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Please report sightings you have of spring migrant arrivals to Jim at the email above.

A table for the migrants reported so far (please click): ARGYLL SPRING MIGRANTS 12.06.2021

The 2020 Argyll Bird Report PDF (please click): ARGYLL BIRD REPORT 32 2020 


Recent Reports of Scarce & Rare Sightings 2021



17th June

ISLAY: Another ROSY STARLING in Argyll making around ten or more reports in total – at Ardnave Point this morning (per Birdguides).

15th June

MID-ARGYLL: The ROSY STARLING at Dalavich still there for its second day (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: A new ROSY STARLING – seen late morning in a Gigha garden (Keith Helm).
MULL: The ROSY STARLING at Lochdon there for its second day (Steve Hiscock per Alan Spellman).

ROSY STARLING – Lochdon, Mull 15th Jun (Steve Hiscock)
ROSY STARLING – Dalavich, Mid-Argyll 15th Jun (Jim Dickson)
ROSY STARLING – Gigha, Kintyre 15th Jun (Keith Helm)

14th June

MID-ARGYLL: A ROSY STARLING seen today in a garden at Dalavich (Adrienne Watson).
MULL: A ROSY STARLING today in Lochdon (John & Angela Preston per Mullbirds) and one on 12 Jun in Bunessan (Tony Jefree per Mullbirds).

ROSY STARLING – Dalavich, Mid-Argyll 14th Jun (Adrienne Watson).

13th June

ISLAY: A SPOTTED CRAKE was heard calling in the early hours of today in the Gartmain area (David Dinsley).

12th June

ISLAY: A TURTLE DOVE was in Port Ellen today (per David Dinsley).
MID-ARGYLL: A report of a ROSY STARLING in Ardrishaig however no further details.
MULL: A ROSY STARLING was in a garden at Bunessan today (Tony Jefree).

9th June

MULL: An adult ROSY STARLING was reported at the north end of Iona today (per Birdguides).

6th June

TIREE: A QUAIL was at Balephuil yesterday afternoon and again this morning (John Bowler).
COLONSAY: A GREEN SANDPIPER was at Baleromindhu today (David Jardine).

5th June

TIREE: The 2cy male COMMON ROSEFINCH was seen again in Balephuil (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: A male BLACK REDSTART was seen in central Lochgilphead late evening (Chris Griffin).

BLACK REDSTART – Lochgilphead – 5th Jun (photo from camera rear screen) – Chris Griffin

3rd June

MID-ARGYLL: An adult ROSY STARLING at Balvicar, Seil Island today, first seen yesterday (Kim Lappin).

ROSY STARLING – Seil Island, Mid-Argyll 2nd June

2nd June

TIREE: A first-summer male COMMON ROSEFINCH today at Balephuil (John Bowler).
KINTYRE: A fem/2cy male type BLACK REDSTART was at Largiebaan Farm on Tues 1st Jun (Angus Murray, Alan Wood).
MULL: An adult ROSY STARLING was reported from Pennyghael. No further details at present.

31st May

TIREE: A pair of SMEW were found on Loch Riaghain today – first Argyll record since 2012 and first on Tiree for over 100 years! (John Bowler).
COLL: A BLYTH’S REED WARBLER in song today (Greg Smith).

M&F SMEW – Loch Riaghain, Tiree – 31st May (John Bowler)

23rd May

COLONSAY: A male GARGANEY was at Garvard today (Ian Fisher & David Jardine).

21st May

ISLAY: A male GARGANEY this evening at the south hide RSPB Loch Gruinart (James How).
JURA: A drake MANDARIN was found at Craighouse on 17th May (Colin Bayfield) and a first report for the island.
TIREE: A pair of RED-BILLED CHOUGH were seen on the island just prior to 21st May (exact date still unknown) – (Jane Clark per David Jardine).

MANDARIN – Craighouse, Jura – 17th May (Colin Bayfield).

16th May

MID-ARGYLL: A GREAT REED WARBLER heard giving a burst of song in scrub by the graveyard behind The Tree Shop, Cairndow at 9.20 am – seen a couple of times briefly – a Song Thrush sized reed warbler type bird (obviously larger than Blackcap there), plain brown above and pale below and a white supercillium (Hugh Nicol). Area checked between 13.30 and 15.00 but no sign of it (Jim Dickson).

15th May

COLONSAY: A drake GARGANEY found today at Ardskenish (Alison & Nick Blinston).

12th May

TIREE: An adult LITTLE GULL at Balinoe today but no sign of the Gull-billed Tern (John Bowler).
ISLAY: High passage wader numbers reported at Loch Gruinart today with c 4,500 Dunlin, 1,200 Ringed Plover, 50 Knot, 4 Ruff and 1 Little Stint.

LITTLE GULL – Tiree 12th May (John Bowler)

11th May

TIREE: A GULL-BILLED TERN was at Loch a’ Phuill – dip-feeding but mobile and headed off north-east (earlier seen around a gull colony at Balinoe at 16:15).
MULL: A MARSH HARRIER was seen near Griburn today (Steve Fryday per Anand Prasad).

9th May

MID-ARGYLL: A flock of c 16 white-phase SNOW GEESE appeared from the NW and flew over Lochgilphead/Loch Gilp and carried on south down Loch Fyne around 2.15 pm (Lynsey Gibson). This ties in with 21 Snow Geese on Lewis yesterday and reports of flocks elsewhere in the UK now. These are presumed to be feral birds from sites in England rather than wild transatlantic vagrants.

A belated report of a WESTERN CATTLE EGRET has been received by Janet & David Jardine from James MacLellan at West Drimvore. Video was taken of an egret there on 22 Oct 2020 and has only now been confirmed as this species – a first record for mainland Argyll, however 3-4 previous reports in total from Islay/Mull & Tiree.

7th May

MULL: The COMMON CRANE was still present in NW Mull however seen flying off from Quinish.
NORTH ARGYLL: A report of a single WOOD SANDPPER today.

5th May

COWAL: A report of what appears to be a male GOSHAWK high over Innellan today (per Katie Flynn).

4th May

MULL: A COMMON CRANE was seen flying over Treshnish farm NM Mull around 1 pm (Anand Prasad).
ISLAY: A drake GARGANEY was at RSPB Loch Gruinart this afternoon (James How).

COMMON CRANE – Mull 4th May (Anand Prasad)

2nd May

MULL: A report of a HOBBY near the Ulva Ferry turn-off this morning (Michael and Rosemary Knight) – further details/description required.

1st May

MULL: A GREEN SANDPIPER at Lochbuie today (Lee Dutton).

30th April

MULL: A HAWFINCH was a garden in Dervaig today (Sheelagh Joan Still / Lucie Howard).

28th April

MID-ARGYLL: A HAWFINCH was seen briefly in a garden at Glashan Burn, Lochgair around 6pm (John & Julie Sutton).

27th April

MID-ARGYLL: A RED KITE was seen today in Glen Lonan (Blair Urquhart).

24th April

COLL: A report of a HAWFINCH in Arinagour today (per Birdguides) – no further information as yet…
KINTYRE: A large pale ‘buzzard’ considered to be a ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD flew over Port Righ and across to Arran (Alasdair Paterson). The next day, what was almost certainly the same bird was seen and photographed at Glenree, above the Ross Road, Arran and confirmed as a 2cy ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD…(per Arran Birding)

23rd April

ISLAY: A female MARSH HARRIER was over Gruinart flats this morning (James How).
COWAL: A male HAWFINCH appeared in a Sandbank garden (Ann Smith).

HAWFINCH – Sandbank, Cowal 23rd Apr (Ann Smith)

22nd April

TIREE: A LAPLAND BUNTING at The Reef this morning (John Bowler).

LAPLAND BUNTING – Tiree 22nd Apr (John Bowler)

21st APRIL

TIREE: A SPOTTED REDSHANK was at The Reef and later at Loch an Eilein (John Bowler). The last Argyll records were in 2015 on Tiree & Islay.

SPOTTED REDSHANK – Tiree 21st Apr (John Bowler)

20th April

MID-ARGYLL: Good numbers of Icelandic REDSHANKS and BLACK-TAILED GODWITS today with totals of 311 Black-tailed & 363 Redshank at Loch Crinan, Add Estuary & Loch Gilp (Jim Dickson).
TIREE: 2,000+ BLACK-TAILED GODWITS around the west of the island (John Bowler).

19th April

TIREE: 220 BLACK-TAILED GODWITS at Loch a’ Phuill – including leg-flagged birds ringed in Holland and England. Also 3 (m+2ff) RING-NECKED DUCKS at Loch Bhasapol (John Bowler).

18th April

TIREE: A 2cy GLAUCOUS GULL was at Sandaig on 17th Apr (John Bowler).
COLONSAY: A female HAWFINCH was at garden feeders in Upper Kilchattan (A McConnell/Jan Bennett).
BLACK-TAILED GODWITS – good passage today with 100 at Loch Gruinart, Islay (James How), 117 at Loch A’ Phuill, Tiree (John Bowler) and 69 at Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll (Jim Dickson).

GLAUCOUS GULL – Sandaig, Tiree 17th Apr (John Bowler)


16th April

MID-ARGYLL: A 3cy ICELAND GULL was on the shore at Craobh Haven today (Darren Thomas).

14th April

MID-ARGYLL & KINTYRE: A very good passage of PINK-FOOTED GEESE going north today from several locations.
TIREE: Four LAPLAND BUNTINGS at Sorobaidh Bay – also first 2 LITTLE TERNS there today (John Bowler).

LAPLAND BUNTINGS – Tiree 14th Apr (John Bowler)

13th April

COLL: A 2cy male MARSH HARRIER at RSPB Totronald today – thought likely to be a different individual to the bird there on 4th Apr (Mark Mitchell).

12th April

MID-ARGYLL: A 2cy GLAUCOUS GULL was at Slatrach Bay, Kerrera today (David Jardine).
TIREE: Two LAPLAND BUNTINGS in machair SW of Loch A’ Phuill in with 300+ Meadow Pipits and 20+ Skylarks (John Bowler).

11th April

COWAL: A vocal GREEN WOODPECKER reported near Clachaig/Sandbank this morning.
ISLAY: A RING OUZEL at Lower Killeyan, The Oa today (David Wood).

6th April

MID-ARGYLL: A 2cy ICELAND GULL today at Rive Awe mouth, Taynuilt (Bill Allan).

4th April

COLL: A 2cy MARSH HARRIER was at RSPB Totronald (Mark Mitchell).

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