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Please report sightings you have of spring migrant arrivals to Jim at the email above.

A table for the migrants reported so far (please click): ARGYLL SPRING MIGRANTS 12.06.2021

The 2020 Argyll Bird Report PDF (please click): ARGYLL BIRD REPORT 32 2020 


Recent Reports of Scarce & Rare Sightings 2021



15th September

COWAL: Now six LITTLE EGRETS at the Holy Loch (David Gilmour et al). A similar pattern of arrival to last year when a group arrived and then dispersed throughout Argyll – more to come?
MID-ARGYLL: The 1cy MEDITERRANEAN GULL was again at Loch Gilp this afternoon (David Jardine).
KINTYRE: A possible RED KITE was seen near Clachan today (Amanda Chadderton). Another was seen recently at Arduaine, Mid-Argyll (per Darren Thomas).
TIREE: A Juv MARSH HARRIER was at Barrapol and later at the Reef (John Bowler). A TREE SPARROW was new in at Hynish (Keith Gillon). A juv LITTLE STINT still at Gott Bay (Keith Gillon).

14th September

MID-ARGYLL: A 1cy (first-winter) MEDITERRANEAN GULL this afternoon at head of Loch Gilp (Jim Dickson).

1cy MEDITERRANEAN GULL – Loch Gilp 14th Sep (Jim Dickson)

12th September

TIREE: An ARCTIC WARBLER was found today at Balinoe by John Bowler. This will become a new species for Argyll if accepted by the SBRC. The BARRED WARBLER was seen again at Balemartine (Keith Gillon).

ARCTIC WARBLER – Tiree 12th Sep (John Bowler)

11th September

KINTYRE: A juvenile LITTLE GULL with Kittiwakes late pm flying north off the west side of Gigha – from the Islay ferry (1,000+ Kittiwakes on the sea just to north of Gigha) (Jim Dickson).
TIREE: A juvenile COMMON ROSEFINCH again at Balephuil (John Bowler). A juv MARSH HARRIER at Balephuil / Balemartine  (Keith Gillon).

10th September

TIREE: A juvenile SPOTTED REDSHANK  at Loch a’ Phuill (Calum Scott). BARRED WARBLER again at Balemartine (Ewan Forbes & Tony O’Connor).
ISLAY: A juvenile CURLEW SANDPIPER still at Loch Gruinart. Also 57 Pale-bellied Brent Geese there today and an influx of Wheatears around the island (Jim Dickson).


9th September

TIREE: A Juv COMMON ROSEFINCH at Balephuil, also 1 Lesser Whitethroat and 1 Garden Warbler (John Bowler).

8th September

ISLAY: A new CURLEW SANDPIPER – at Carnain, Loch Indaal. Also a Little Egret, 2 Greenshank, 71 Wigeon, Slavonian Grebe, 49 Common Scoter, Osprey and White-tailed Eagle there (Jim Dickson).
TIREE: A 1cy BARRED WARBLER, 1 EURASIAN REED WARBLER, 2 Garden Warbler, 1 Lesser Whitethroat, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 Sedge Warbler, 5 Willow Warbler and 2 Goldcrest at Balephuil (John Bowler). A 1cy Pied Flycatcher at Vaul (Calum Scott). A 1cy Pied Flycatcher at Balemartine (Keith Gillon), with a BARRED WARBLER and a Common Redstart (Ewan Forbes, Tony O’Connor). A Juv WOOD SANDPIPER at Loch a’ Phuill (Calum Scott).

Juv CURLEW SANDPIPER – Loch Indaal, Islay 8th Sep (Jim Dickson).

7th September

TIREE: 1cy BARRED WARBLER, 1 Garden Warbler and 1 Sedge Warbler at Balephuil. A 1cy PECTORAL SANDPIPER,  juv Wood Sandpiper, 1 Ruff, 4 juv Red Knot, 3 Greenshank and 23 Black-tailed Godwits at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler). A 1cy LITTLE GULL at Gott Bay (Keith Gillon).
COLONSAY: Two SOOTY SHEARWATER with 500+ Manx Shearwater feeding off Balnahard (David Jardine).

6th September

TIREE: Juvenile PECTORAL SANDPIPER at Loch Bhasapol (presume the long-staying bird from August) – together with 1 juv Wood Sandpiper, 1 Ruff and 1 Greenshank (part of a remarkable flock of 7 waders of 7 species – the others being 1 Snipe, 1 Redshank and 1 Lapwing!) (all Keith Gillon per John Bowler). Probable BARRED WARBLER seen briefly in flight at Balemartine at 2pm – Keith Gillon (presumably the Balephuil bird).
ISLAY: Juv CURLEW SANDPIPER again at Loch Gruinart – also 5 Ruff and a juv Greenshank still there (Jim Dickson).

3rd September

ISLAY: A juvenile CURLEW SANDPIPER was new in at Loch Gruinart today (Jim Dickson).

Juv CURLEW SANDPIPER – Loch Gruinart, Islay 3rd Sep (Jim Dickson)



2nd September

TIREE: A 1cy BARRED WARBER was at Balephuil today (John Bowler).

23rd August

TIREE: No further sign of the Bee-eater today. A WOOD SANDPIPER was at Milton (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: A probable juvenile LONG-TAILED SKUA was seen sitting on the sea off Ellenabeich, Easdale island (Kim Lappin).

22nd August

COWAL: An adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL was at Otter Ferry today (Neil Hammatt).
TIREE: A BEE-EATER spp. calling in flight (but not seen) headed east over Baugh at about 12 noon – reported by Iain Livingstone and other members of the Clyde ringing group via Hayley Douglas.
ISLAY: A possible HONEY-BUZZARD flew along the cliffs at the Oa – only a silhouette seen but shape looked like this species (David Wood).

18th August

COLL/TIREE: A sea watch from the Oban to Barra ferry today produced 5 SOOTY SHEARWATERS – also seen were 5 Great & 3 Arctic Skuas and 40+ Storm Petrels (Bill McManus)

14th August

KINTYRE: A CORY’S SHEARWATER was reported off the Mull of Kintyre – feeding with Manx, Fulmars & Gannets – however was distant (Neil Hammatt).

13th August

MID-ARGYLL: A 2cy MEDITERRANEAN GULL was at the Add Estuary today (Jim Dickson).

2cy MEDITERRANEAN GULL – Add Estuary -13th Aug (Jim Dickson).

12th August

TIREE: 5 SOOTY SHEARWATERS –  the highlight of a sea watch from Hynish today (John Bowler).

11th August

MID-ARGYLL: A juvenile MEDITERRANEAN GULL was off the south side of Ardrishaig this pm (Andrew Russell).

5th August

TIREE: A lunchtime sea watch off Hynish by John Bowler produced:  2 SOOTY SHEARWATER, 3 STORM PETREL, 2 Great Skua, 1 Arctic Skua, 1060 Manx Shearwater, 239 Gannet, 84 Puffin, 16 Fulmar, 165 Kittiwake, 32 Shag and 55 large auks (mostly Guillemots).

3rd August

MULL: Now 2 SOOTY SHEARWATERS off the north coast (Ewan Miles/Iolo Williams).
TIREE: The PECTORAL SANDPIPER is still present (John Bowler).

PECTORAL SANDPIPER – Tiree 3rd Aug (John Bowler)
SOOTY SHEARWATER – N Mull – 3rd Aug (Andy Tate)

2nd August

TIREE: A PECTORAL SANDPIPER was found today (John Bowler).

1st August

MULL: A SOOTY SHEARWATER was seen with a group of Manx Shearwaters off NW Mull (Andy Tate et al).

SOOTY SHEARWATER – NW Mull -1st Aug (Andy Tate)

31st July

MID-ARGYLL: An adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL was in with the Black-headed Gull flock at the Add Estuary this morning – during the ABC trip there (Jim Dickson).

25th July

KINTYRE: Two COMMON QUAIL were heard singing overnight 24th into 25th in the Stewarton area (Stu Crutchfield).

17th July

KINTYRE: A report of a ROSY STARLING in Machrihanish this afternoon (Murdo McDonald).
AT SEA: An adult intermedius LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL was 19km north of Tiree / 17.5km northwest of Coll on 17th July 2021, seen on/around RV Celtic Explorer – Irish state research vessel (Niall Keogh). This Scandinavian sub-species has occasionally been reported in Argyll and always good to receive excellent photos to confirm as in this case.

Intermedius L B B Gull N of Tiree on 17 Jul (Niall Keogh)
Intermedius L B B Gull N of Tiree on 17 Jul (Niall Keogh)
Intermedius L B B Gull N of Tiree on 17 Jul (Niall Keogh)

6th July

TIREE: A ROSY STARLING at Caoles today – presumably the same bird that was near Miodar last week (John Bowler).

ROSY STARLING – Caoles, Tiree 6th Jul (John Bowler)

5th July

TIREE: A report of a ROSY STARLING near Miodar on 24 Jun (Matt MacIntyre & Sandy MacIntosh).
COLONSAY: A report of a ROSY STARLING on Oronsay, near Priory on 29 June (Adam Myers).

3rd July

MULL: A COMMON QUAIL heard calling at the north end of Iona today (Ashley Saunders).

2nd July

MULL: A ROSY STARLING between Salen and Tobermory today (Francesca Winspeare).

1st July

MID-ARGYLL: A COMMON QUAIL was heard calling on Danna Island this morning (David Jardine).

30th June

ISLAY: Two ROSY STARLINGS have been around gardens at Conisby since 24 Jun (Gill & Alec Chasemore et al).
JURA: A report of a ROSY STARLING at Jura care centre, Craighouse today – however no supporting details as yet.
TIREE: Adult LITTLE STINT at Crossapol Bay (John Bowler) and an adult CURLEW SANDPIPER at Miodar (Gavin Chambers).

25th June

MID-ARGYLL: A belated report today of two ROSY STARLINGS together nr Kilbride Farm, Barbreck on 2nd June (Tim Donnachie).

20th June

ISLAY: A ROSY STARLING new today in Port Charlotte – at hotel area – (Gary Turnbull).

19th June

MID-ARGYLL: A HAWFINCH in a garden at Kames, Loch Melfort today (Maggi Reyner per Mike Pennington).

17th June

ISLAY: Another ROSY STARLING in Argyll making around ten or more reports in total – at Ardnave Point this morning (per Birdguides).

15th June

MID-ARGYLL: The ROSY STARLING at Dalavich still there for its second day (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: A new ROSY STARLING – seen late morning in a Gigha garden (Keith Helm).
MULL: The ROSY STARLING at Lochdon there for its second day (Steve Hiscock per Alan Spellman).

ROSY STARLING – Lochdon, Mull 15th Jun (Steve Hiscock)
ROSY STARLING – Dalavich, Mid-Argyll 15th Jun (Jim Dickson)
ROSY STARLING – Gigha, Kintyre 15th Jun (Keith Helm)

14th June

MID-ARGYLL: A ROSY STARLING seen today in a garden at Dalavich (Adrienne Watson).
MULL: A ROSY STARLING today in Lochdon (John & Angela Preston per Mullbirds) and one on 12 Jun in Bunessan (Tony Jefree per Mullbirds).

ROSY STARLING – Dalavich, Mid-Argyll 14th Jun (Adrienne Watson).

13th June

ISLAY: A SPOTTED CRAKE was heard calling in the early hours of today in the Gartmain area (David Dinsley).

12th June

ISLAY: A TURTLE DOVE was in Port Ellen today (per David Dinsley).
MID-ARGYLL: A report of a ROSY STARLING in Ardrishaig however no further details.
MULL: A ROSY STARLING was in a garden at Bunessan today (Tony Jefree).

9th June

MULL: An adult ROSY STARLING was reported at the north end of Iona today (per Birdguides).

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