18th December

KINTYRE: The 2CY Iceland Gull is still at Strath Farm (Laggan) and a new juvenile (1CY) is at Campbeltown harbour (Eddie Maguire).
COWAL: At Dunoon crazy golf today: 23 Purple Sandpipers, 3 Redshank and 1 Turnstone just before high tide, but at least 50 Turnstones at the far end of the breakwater (George Newall).

Purple Sandpipers – Dunoon ‘crazy golf’, Cowal 19 Dec (Donnie MacFarlane).
2CY Iceland Gull – Strath Farm, Kintyre 18 Dec (Eddie Maguire).
1CY Iceland Gull – Cambeltown, Kintyre 18 Dec (Eddie Maguire).