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SPRING MIGRANTS 2017:0 ARGYLL SPRING MIGRANTS 2017 – updated 26.03.17

Recent Reports 2017

27th March

KINTYRE: at least 5 White Wagtails at Machrihanish SBO today and the regular leucistic adult Herring Gull put in an appearance (Eddie Maguire).
ISLAY: a Sandwich Tern was at Bruichladdich today (Peter Roberts).
MID-ARGYLL: a flock of 10 Redwings were enjoying the evening sunshine in Connel today and a Moorhen was on the Lusragan Burn in Connel. This could well be the same bird as was first seen there in December (Mike Harrison).

White Wagtail – MSBO, Kintyre 27 Mar (Eddie Maguire).
White Wagtail – MSBO, Kintyre 27 Mar (Eddie Maguire).
Herring Gull – MSBO, Kintyre 27 Mar (Eddie Maguire).

26th March

MID-ARGYLL: another Chiffchaff heard today at Oban High School (Blair Urquhart). A singing Stock Dove at Slockavulin today and at least 3 singing Chiffchaffs (David Jardine).
COWAL: a Chiffchaff was in song at Bischop’s Glen, Dunoon (George Newall).

25th March

MID-ARGYLL: 3 female Greater Scaup still at Ballachuan Loch, Seil, 1 Chiffchaff – Balvicar lagoons and at least 8, possibly 10 Northern Wheatears on Luing (David Jardine).
COWAL: now only 14 Purple Sandpipers at Dunoon crazy golf (George Newall).

24th March

KINTYRE: a single Willow Warbler was in Katie Pendreigh’s garden at Tayinloan this morning.
MID-ARGYLL: a Chiffchaff was in song today at Achnabreck at 13:30… up by the carved stones (Blair Urquhart).

23rd March

KINTYRE: two White Wagtails at Uisead Point, MSBO. Also 63 Lesser Black-backed Gulls past N today (Eddie Maguire).

22nd March

MID-ARGYLL: a pair of Goldeneyes were displaying and mating at Loch Gilp, also 3 Little Gulls there (an adult + 2 first-winters = 5 different birds there this year) (Jim Dickson).
Three female Greater Scaup with four Tufted Ducks were at Ballachuan Loch, Seil and possibly the first Scaup records for Seil.. (David Jardine).

Goldeneyes – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 22 Mar (Jim Dickson).
Goldeneyes – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 22 Mar (Jim Dickson).
Goldeneyes – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 22 Mar (Jim Dickson).

21st March

MID-ARGYLL: a male Northern Wheatear this morning along the shore at Lingerton dump, Loch Gilp (Andrew Tongue). A 2CY Iceland Gull in a field  2km NE of Oban this morning (Jim Dickson).
NORTH ARGYLL: the Little Egret was again at Dalrannoch, Loch Creran. Photo taken through the barge window (Laurance Larmour).
TIREE: at least 306 Whooper Swans counted passing through Tiree today – most touched down briefly in heavy squalls before heading north again. Three juv Glaucous Gulls – singles at Loch Bhasapol, Crossapol and Balephetrish and 100’s of Black-headed Gulls and dozens of Lesser Black-backed Gulls around now (John Bowler).
KINTYRE: an adult Iceland Gull flew past the Machrihanish Seabird Observatory (Eddie Maguire).

Whoopers- Loch a’ Phuill, Tiree 21 Mar (John Bowler).
Little Egret – Loch Creran 21 Mar (Laurance Larmour).
Glaucous Gull – Tiree 21 March (John Bowler).

20th March

NORTH ARGYLL: I work at Loch Creran north of Oban and was interested to see a Little Egret through the window six feet away from me, perched on the handrail of our barge as I sat eating lunch today (Laurance Larmour).
TIREE: two Goldcrests and 1 Goldfinch at Balephuil, 2 Goldfinch at Balinoe, 2,450 Golden Plovers and 120 Turnstones at the Reef and a juv Glaucous Gull at Loch Bhasapol (John Bowler).

Teal – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 20 Mar (Jim Dickson).

19th March

ISLAY: a Sand Martin (our first report) and a House Martin at the RSPB Gruinart floods and male & female Peregrine plus an adult White-tailed Eagle there (Mike Peacock).

Reed Bunting – Keillmore, Mid-Argyll 19 Mar (Amanda Chadderton).

18th March

MULL: a Northern Wheatear near Gribun today (Jacqui Murphy per Alan Spellman).

16th March

KINTYRE: an Osprey was seen sitting on top of a wooden power line pole this afternoon just north of Campbeltown (Katie Pendreigh). A single Manx Shearwater was off Machrihanish SBO after a heavy shower (Eddie Maguire).

15th March

COLL: a single House Martin flying around houses in the village of Arinagour, Isle of Coll this morning (Hazel Campbell).
MID-ARGYLL: a single Stock Dove this morning in flight between Luib Cottages and East Gate Lodge, Moine Mhor. Also 2 male Yellowhammers there recently (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: a Northern Wheatear at Machrihanish SBO today. Also a 2CY Iceland Gull nearby at the holiday park yesterday and 8-10 Yellowhammers in Southend recently (Eddie Maguire).

14th March

TIREE: a Chiffchaff with a Goldcrest today at Balephuil equals the earliest arrival date here set in 2016. Two juv Glaucous Gulls together at Loch a’ Phuill plus an imm Moorhen and 1f Scaup again there (John Bowler).

13th March

MID-ARGYLL: Whooper Swans have been stopping off and flying over Loch Gilp in recent days with 16 there on 10 Mar (Simon Lawrence) and 18 on the Loch today then flew off N over the town (Jim Dickson/Simon Lawrence). Also still 90+ Skylarks in a field at Drimvore and at least 2 in song at the Add Estuary (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: A sleepy 1w Iceland Gull at Campbeltown pontoon again today (Eddie Maguire). Also 12 Yellowhammers at a garden ground feeding station in a Campbeltown garden. This is the largest flock seen in this area for many years (Eddie Maguire / Esther Thompson).
TIREE: 2 juv Glaucous Gulls together at Baugh – others single juvs (perhaps the same?) at Crossapol and The Reef, 1 juv Glaucous Gull at Balephetrish Bay, 1 Fieldfare at Beinn Gott, 1 Goldcrest at The Glebe, ca 300 Black-h Gulls, 50 Lesser BB Gulls and 20+ Pied Wagtails around East Tiree today on the goose count (John Bowler).
NORTH ARGYLL: a Little Egret again at Dalrannoch, Loch Creran during the WEBS count (Robin Harvey).
COWAL: around 40 Whooper Swans flying all around the Kyles of Bute last night in full moonlight and then headed west. (David Blair).

Little Grebe – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 13 Mar (Jim Dickson).
Yellowhammer – Campbetowm, Kintyre 13 Mar (Eddie Maguire).
Iceland Gull – Campbeltown, Kintyre 13 Mar (Eddie Maguire).
Whoopers – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 13 Mar (Jim Dickson).
Whoopers- Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 13 Mar (Jim Dickson).

9th March

ISLAY: a juv/1w Iceland Gull at Laggan Bay (David Clugston/Val Wilson per Angus Murray).
MID-ARGYLL: 10 Lesser BB Gulls at Loch Gilp at lunchtime and the female Long-tailed Duck still at Loch Ceann a’ Chroin this evening (David Jardine).

Cormorant – Loch Riddon, Cowal 9 Mar (Alistair McGregor).
Iceland Gull – Campbeltown, Kintyre Mar 17 (Gary Woodburn).
Black Guillemots – Kintyre Mar 17 (Gary Woodburn).

8th March

ISLAY: the 1w Ring-billed Gull is still present and now west of Craigens (David Clugston/Val Wilson per Angus Murray). Many thanks to John Nadin/Gary Woodburn for sending through images from their recent Islay visit.

Golden Eagle – Islay Mar 17 (Gary Woodburn).
1w Ring-billed Gull – Islay 3 March (Gary Woodburn).

7th March

MID-ARGYLL: an adult Little Gull again at the head of Loch Gilp (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: a Greenshank and 3 Bar-tailed Godwits were at Kennacraig (Jim Dickson).

Little Gull – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 6 Mar (Jim Dickson).
Little Gull – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 6 Mar (Jim Dickson).

6th March

TIREE: 2 juv Glaucous Gulls at Sorobaidh Bay, 2 juv Glaucous Gulls at north end of the Maze hanging around a 9 metre Sperm Whale bobbing in the surf, plus another freshly dead juv Glaucous Gull there (John Bowler).

Sperm Whale and Glaucous Gull- Tiree 6 Mar (John Bowler).

5th March

ISLAY: the Great Grey Shrike is still present today at Carnain (Gary Turbull: Wild Islay Birding).
MULL: an Iceland Gull at the Sound of Mull seen from the Oban – Tiree ferry (Toby Green per Angus Murray).
MID-ARGYLL: Three male and two female Bullfinches were feeding in a crab-apple tree in Connel today, their first visit of the spring to this tree (Mike Harrison). Nine Whooper Swans flew N over Loch Gilp at 4pm and an adult Little Gull also there (Jim Dickson). A Kingfisher and 2 Greenshanks at Caol Scotnish (Alan Dykes).

Great Grey Shrike – Carnain, Islay 5 Mar (Gary Turnbull).

4th March

ISLAY: the Great Grey Shrike was seen again today at Crosshouse, Carnain (David Clugston per Gary Turnbull).
MID-ARGYLL: a Dipper was in full song near the Cairnbaan swing bridge (Jim Dickson/David Jardine/Malcolm Chattwood).
COWAL: Peter Staley has noted a pair of Great Crested Grebes in courtship display on the sea off Ardentinny in recent days.

3rd March

ISLAY: a Cackling Goose was at The Oa today (David Wood). John Nadin refound the 1w Ring-billed Gull at Craigens yesterday but no sign of the Great Grey Shrike at Bridgend. He reports at least 4 Cackling Geese now on the Island.
TIREE:  a Goldcrest at Balephuil, a juvenile Glaucous Gull at Traigh Bhagh and a male Pochard at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: a Common Sandpiper was at Loch nan Torran in Ormsary this morning (Errol Crutchfield). The Dippers on the Lusragan Burn in Connel were carrying nest material this morning, and a Grey Wagtail was feeding near last year’s nest site (Mike Harrison).

2nd March

ISLAY: a Lapland Bunting found by Chris Mills on The Oa today (David Wood).
KINTYRE: four Iceland Gulls in Kintyre today with first-winters just north of Tayinloan and between Tayinloan and Campbeltowm, a second-winter at Campbeltown harbour and an adult on the road to Machrihanish by the airport turn off. Also 2 Pink-footed Geese at Drumlemble and the regular 22 Barnacle hybrids (John Nadin/Jimmy Steele).
TIREE: a Goldcrest at Balephuil – first of the spring here and 26 Whooper Swans new at Loch an Eilein (John Bowler).

Lapland Bunting – The Oa, Islay 2 Mar (David Wood).

1st March

TIREE: two 2CY White-tailed Eagles together at Loch a’ Phuill – also a Welsh colour-ringed Oystercatcher there. A big influx of adult Black-headed Gulls – at least 80 around the island also 1 Mistle Thrush and 1 Greenfinch at the Glebe (John Bowler).
ISLAY: a report of a Great Grey Shrike again at Bridgend yesterday (per Islaybird blog).

28th February

COWAL: a Great Crested Grebe this morning off Ardentinny, with 2 there on 12 Jan. Also Lesser BB Gulls around. (Peter Staley).
MID-ARGYLL: the first-winter Little Gull was again at the head of Loch Gilp this morning and 1 Lesser BB Gull (Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: a Magpie was at Portrigh, Carradale yesterday (Alisdair Paterson).
ISLAY: the first-winter Ring-billed Gull was again at Craigens on Sun 26 Feb (Gary Turnbull).

27th February

MID-ARGYLL: 20+ Black-throated Divers on Loch Caolisport early morning (Stu Crutchfield).
TIREE: three juvenile Glaucous Gulls at Sorobaidh Bay –with 14 ad Black-headed Gulls and 1 ad Lesser BB Gull there, also 1 juvenile Glaucous Gull at Traigh Bhagh and 1 Mistle Thrush at Balephuil (John Bowler).

juv Glaucous Gull – Tiree 27 Feb (John Bowler).
Mistle Thrush – Balephuil, Tiree 27 Feb (John Bowler).

26th February

MID-ARGYLL: a flock of 93 Skylarks was at Drimvore this morning (Jim Dickson).

Pied Wagtail – Drimvore, Mid-Argyll 26 Feb (Jim Dickson).
Skylarks – Drimvore, Mid-Argyll 26 Feb (Jim Dickson).
Skylarks – Drimvore, Mid-Argyll 26 Feb (Jim Dickson).

25th February

KINTYRE: a juvenile Iceland Gull was at Tarbert harbour (Neil Hammatt).
NORTH ARGYLL: the ABC trip to Lismore today led by David Jardine included 2 Greenshanks (3 Otters) and concluded with a flurry of several White-tailed and a single Golden Eagle near Loch Laich.

Iceland Gull – Tarbert, Kintyre 25 Feb (Neil Hammatt).

24th February

COWAL: Neil Hammatt reports more Pied Wagtails in Glendaruel and at least 200 Skylarks in fields there today. A Nuthatch was seen again in a garden at Stronafian (George Newall/Alistair McGregor).
ISLAY: a first-winter Ring-billed Gull first seen at Craigens (Gruinart) on 15 Feb by Tom Lowe was there again today (Steve Williams per bird news services).

23rd February

KINTYRE: a report of the Little Egret seen yesterday just south of Point Sands caravan park and last noted there on 31 Jan (Nick Fletcher per Eddie Maguire).
TIREE: probably now 6 Glaucous Gulls on the island just now (1 ad and 5 juvs), also a juvenile Iceland Gull at Loch Bhasapol and a Carrion Crow with Hooded Crows at Moss (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: more Pied Wagtails now appearing e.g. 11 in one field at Barsloisnoch, also 21 Lapwings nearby and increase in Common Gulls (Jim Dickson).

22nd February

MID-ARGYLL: a first-winter and an adult Little Gull at Loch Gilp as well as an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull and a single Red Knot. The orange neck collared Greylag Goose was re-found at Barsloisnoch (NDI) (Jim Dickson).
TIREE: a sea-watch this morning off Aird, with highlights of a Little Auk and 3 Long-tailed Ducks. Also a Snow Bunting at Traigh nan Gilean this afternoon (John Bowler).
KINTYRE: just received a very early report of a grounded Manx Shearwater in a garden at Carradale harbour sometime w/c 6th Feb, confirmed by photos. (Ian McGhie per Mike Harrison).
COWAL: a Kingfisher at the top of Loch Striven today was a nice surprise and also a Waxwing at Ardentinny on Sun 19th (Neil Hammatt).

1w + ad Little Gulls- Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 22 Feb (Jim Dickson).

21st February

TIREE: an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull at Loch a’ Phuill this morning – first of the year there, also 3 Gadwall (John Bowler).
ISLAY: three Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Machir Bay (Gary Turnbull per Ian Brooke).

20th February

TIREE: Adult Glaucous Gull again at Gott Bay (Steph Cope). Juvenile Glaucous Gull again at Sorobaidh Bay, with 4 Black-headed Gulls and 455 Common Gulls. An imm Moorhen at Loch a’ Phuill plus 1f Scaup, 1 Little Grebe, 1150 Lapwing and 135 Oystercatchers – the latter including 2 colour-ringed birds (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: in the Slockavullin/Poltalloch area late afternoon goose counts: 390 Greylags (one with orange neck collar), 380 Canadas, 1 Greenland White-front and 1 Barnacle. Also 85 Jackdaws, 32 Fieldfares, 65 Redwings, 5 Mistle Thrush, 6 Pied Wagtails and 110 Common Gulls.

17th February

TIREE: an adult and a juvenile Glaucous Gull at Gott Bay  (Martin Finnigan per John Bowler). A juvenile  Glaucous Gull at Loch Bhasapol, therefore up to 5 Glaucous Gulls now on Tiree. A
Long-eared Owl found at Hough sadly having hit wires and then trampled by cattle (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: six Greenland White-fronted Geese at Barsloisnoch and two singing Mistle Thrush in the Duntrune area and one near Cairnbaan, also many other species in full song just now.
COWAL: on Wed 15 Feb a Slavonian Grebe on the Holy Loch WeBS count was the first seen there by George Newall/Alistair McGregor).
ISLAY: no further reports of the reported Great Grey Shrike from Bridgend (full details required please) and no further sightings as yet of the significant flock of 13 ‘small’ Canada Geese reported previously east of Port Ellen, however now 3 Cackling Geese on the Island (Tom Lowe per Steve Percival).

16th February

MID-ARGYLL: the adult Little Gull again at Loch Gilp this morning, also 5 Lapwings there which is very unusual for this site (Jim Dickson). A juvenile Glaucous Gull today just past the turning to Croabh Haven towards Oban (Bob Grove). A male Brambling was at Ormsary (Stu Crtuchfield).
COWAL: 26 Purple Sandpipers at Dunoon crazy golf today (George Newall).

Lapwing – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 16 Feb (Jim Dickson).
Lapwings – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 16 Feb (Jim Dickson).

15th February

MID-ARGYLL: a Kingfisher was at the Crinan Canal nr Kilmahumaig then flew towards Bellanoch (Jim Dickson).
TIREE: a drake Green-winged Teal, juvenile Glaucous Gull, 2 Gadwall and 1f Scaup at Loch a’ Phuill, also 1 Lapland Bunting at Barrapol and a juvenile Glaucous Gull at Traigh Ghrianal (John Bowler).
ISLAY: a report today of a group of 13 ‘small’ Canada Geese (type yet unknown) (Fiona McGillvray & Mandy Hodkinson per Ian Brooke) and also a report of a Great Grey Shrike at Bridgend.

Barnacle Geese – west Tiree, 15 Feb (John Bowler).

14th February

MID-ARGYLL: the adult Little Gull was off the Lochgilphead front green again mid-afternoon (Jim Dickson). The juvenile Kumlien’s Gull is still at Ormsary (per Birdguides).
KINTYRE: a Todd’s Canada Goose at Drumlemble, the Laggan this afternoon (per Birdguides), presumably same one of three there on 5 Feb (Dan Brown).

Little Gull – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 14 Feb (Jim Dickson).
Little Gull – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 14 Feb (Jim Dickson).

12th February

MID-ARGYLL: a female Brambling and 5 Greenfinch in the garden at Cairnbaan this morning (Jim Dickson), and 5 Bullfinch in the garden at Kilmartin this morning (David Jardine). Five Bar-tailed Godwits on the shore at Loch na Cille beyond Tayvallich (Morag Rea).
TIREE: a Lapland Bunting at Clachan this afternoon with Rob Still (John Bowler).
NORTH ARGYLL: a Little Egret at Dalrannoch, Loch Creran on two occasions, at 13.05 and at 16.00, along with 107 Teal at the latter time (Robin Harvey).

Lapland Bunting – Clachan, Tiree 12 Feb (John Bowler).

11th February

TIREE: a juvenile Glaucous Gull was feeding on a dead Common Dolphin at Traigh Bhagh, the third-year White-tailed Eagle was at Hynish and 3 Little Grebe, 2 Pintail and 12 Shoveler were at Loch Riaghain (John Bowler).
MID-ARGYLL: an adult Little Gull was at Loch Gilp and a Long-tailed Duck at Loch Ceann a’ Chroin, nr. Ford (David Jardine).
ISLAY: a Kingfisher was at the mouth of the Sorn (Martin Armstrong).

Glaucous Gull – Traigh Bhagh, Tiree 11 Feb (John Bowler).

10th February

MID-ARGYLL: a Moorhen was chasing a Water Rail at the Crinan canal banks, by Barnakill, nr Cairnbaan this afternoon, also, 40 Fieldfares in a field nearby (Jim Dickson).
TIREE: a third-year White-tailed Eagle and a drake Green-winged Teal were at Loch a’ Phuill this evening (John Bowler).

9th February

MID-ARGYLL: in fields at Dunadd there were at least 75 Fieldfares, 40 Redwings with 1 Song Thrush (Jim Dickson). A ringed male Blackbird has been visiting a garden in Connel since 2 February.  Scrutiny of many photographs has confirmed the ring number as 7476431 from the Norwegian ringing scheme.  This is the same individual which visited the same garden from 21 December 2015 to 8 February 2016.  It was ringed about 25 miles SSE of Oslo, Norway, in April 2013 (Mike Harrison).
COWAL: at Knockdow estate two Stock Doves were seen well but briefly as they flew across the estate (George Newall). A Whooper Swan on Loch Loskin was the first one Alistair McGregor has seen there.

Blackbird – Connel, Mid-Argyll Feb 17 (Mike Harrison).
Redwing – Dunadd, Mid-Argyll 9 Feb (Jim Dickson).
Song Thrush – Dunadd, Mid-Argyll 9 Feb (Jim Dickson).
Fieldfare – Dunadd, Mid-Argyll 9 Feb (Jim Dickson).

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