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Recent Reports of scarce & rare sightings 2019

27th July

KINTYRE: A juvenile (1CY) MEDITERRANEAN GULL flew S past Machrihanish SBO at 12:30 (Eddie Maguire).

Juv MEDITERRANEAN GULL – MSBO Kintyre 27th Jul (Eddie Maguire).
Juv MEDITERRANEAN GULL – MSBO Kintyre 27th Jul (Eddie Maguire).

25th July

MID-ARGYLL: An adult MEDITERRANEAN GULL at Loch Gilp late morning – also 1 Bar-tailed Godwit there (Jim Dickson).

21st July

MID-ARGYLL: The imm LITTLE EGRET still showing well at Loch Gilp (Jim Dickson).

LITTLE EGRET – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 21 Jul (Jim Dickson).
LITTLE EGRET – Loch Gilp, Mid-Argyll 20 Jul (Jim Dickson).

19th July

MID-ARGYLL: An immature LITTLE EGRET at Loch Gilp this morning (Jim Dickson).


13th July

ISLAY: A first-summer (2CY) MEDITERRANEAN GULL was in with 150 Common Gulls at Bruichladdich today (Mike Peacock & Peter Roberts).

First-summer MEDITERRANEAN GULL – Islay 13 Jul (Mike Peacock)

12th July

JURA: A report of a ROSY STARLING at Craighouse over the last week. Seen by Gary Turnbull again on Sat 13 Jul.

ROSY STARLING – Craighouse, Jura 13th Jul (Gary Turnbull).

9th July

KINTYRE: A 2CY MEDITERRANEAN GULL was at Machrihanish SBO at 11:03hrs this morning – first at MSBO this year – it flew in from the north with a few Common Gulls (Eddie Maguire).
COWAL: A 3CY MEDITERRANEAN GULL was at Toward Point yesterday evening (Alistair McGregor).

Second-summer (3CY) MEDITERRANEAN GULL – Toward, Cowal 8th Jul (Alistair McGregor)
First-summer (2CY) MEDITERRANEAN GULL – MSBO, Kintyre 9th Jul (Eddie Maguire).

6th July

MULL: A male MARSH HARRIER was at Treshnish farm (NW Mull)  today- (Anand Prasad per Alan Spellman).

4th July

ISLAY: A male GOLDEN ORIOLE was seen flying along the roadside 1/4 mile south of the Laggan Bridge on B8016 at Avonvogie (Sandra & Ian Hardy).

1st July

MULL: According to Mullbirds website – the GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO has still been on Iona up to 29th June at least – therefore could perhaps still be on the island…

26th June

MULL: The GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO again near the hostel on Iona this morning.

25th June

MULL: The GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO again near the hostel on Iona from 10:40 am onwards (Jim Dickson).

GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO – Iona, Mull 25th Jun (Jim Dickson).
GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO – Iona, Mull 25th Jun (Jim Dickson).
GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO – Iona, Mull 25th Jun (Jim Dickson).

24th June

MID-ARGYLL: A ROSY STARLING is on the Isle of Luing at Toberonochy – apparently has been in a garden there for a week (per Richard Wesley.
MULL: The GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO is still at the north end of Iona – near the hostel (Bryan Rains).

ROSY STARLING – Toberonochy, Luing 24th Jun (Richard Wesley).

23 June

MULL: An imm GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO was seen briefly at the north end of Iona late morning/mid-day – near the youth hostel/dunes area (Rudolf Hummel). Only one previous Scottish record – on Orkney in 1959!

GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO – Iona, Mull 23rd June (Rudolf Hummel).
GREAT SPOTTED CUCKOO – Iona, Mull 23rd June (Rudolf Hummel).

19th June

COMMON QUAIL reports – males calling at Treshnish farm (NM) MULL on 17-19 June (Anand Prasad) and at Crossapol, TIREE on 18 June (John Bowler).

17th June

ISLAY: A ROSY STARLING was at Keppols Farm, Esknish today (per Ian Brooke).

ROSY STARLING – Esknish, Islay 17th Jun (Jenny Woodward).

13th June

COLONSAY: A male COMMON ROSEFINCH in song this morning at Loch Sgoltaire (David Jardine).
ISLAY: Update from David Wood – no further sign of the WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW today and was only seen briefly yesterday at Risabus the Oa when found.

12th June

ISLAY: A WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW was at The Oa this morning briefly and found by Bonnie Wood.

WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW – The Oa, Islay 12th June (Bonnie Wood).

10th June

TIREE: A LITTLE STINT at  Loch a’ Phuill today and the TURTLE DOVE still at the barns next to Loch an Eilein (John Bowler).

9th June

TIREE: A LITTLE STINT at Gott Bay today (Keith Gillon).

8th June

KINTYRE: A male BLACK-HEADED BUNTING was seen on a dyke at the south end of Gigha (Gigalum) around 15:50 hrs today by Keith Helm.
MULL: A TURTLE DOVE was at Salen this morning (Geoff Pain per Mullbirds) and a HOBBY was seen hunting dragonflies in fields at Grasspoint today (Steve Milton).
TIREE: A HOBBY reported on 6th June at feeding late pm at Milton (Christian Verstraete per John Bowler) and a TURTLE DOVE today nr Loch an Eilein (Keith Gillon).

HOBBY – Grasspoint, Mull 8 th June (Steve Milton).

6th June

MID-ARGYLL: A belated report of a male GOLDEN ORIOLE seen briefly on wires at Crinan on Thurs 30th May (per Brian MacDonald).

5th June

ISLAY: A report in the log book at Gruinart of a RED-BACKED SHRIKE at Kilchiaran on Mon 3 June. No details of the finder given -please can they get in touch. Update 6/6/19 – feedback from someone who saw images of the bird taken indicates the bird was actually a Wheatear.

4th June

TIREE: Two 2CY LITTLE GULLS at Loch Bhasapol today (Keith Gillon).

2nd June

KINTYRE: An exceptional flock of 21 (16 male and 5 female) VELVET SCOTER flew S past Machrihanish SBO at 11:25 today (Eddie Maguire). This is the largest number seen in Argyll since the 1970’s.

VELVET SCOTERS past Machrihanish SBO, Kintyre – 2nd Jun (Eddie Maguire).

29th May

TIREE: A 2CY LITTLE GULL new on the machair at Loch a’ Phuill today and yesterday 3 TREE SPARROWS new at Hynish (John Bowler) – also a LITTLE EGRET flew east over Baugh – (Graham Todd).
MULL: At least 1 TREE SPARROW at Treshnish, Calgary today (Anand Prasad).

2CY LITTLE GULL – Loch a’ Phuill, Tiree 29th May (John Bowler).
TREE SPARROWS – Hynish, Tiree 28th May (John Bowler).

26th May

KINTYRE: A GREY PHALAROPE in breeding plumage was seen briefly some 300m off MSBO at 14:20hrs today in a WNW force 5 / squalls; however, it was staying mainly in the deep troughs and when seen very occasionally over the crest of a wave the jizz (slow rolling flight) and plumage were seen well (Eddie Maguire and Pip Ashley). Only the second ever May report for Argyll.

23rd May

TIREE: The GULL-BILLED TERN again at Loch Riaghain today. Also 1 LESSER WHITETHROAT this evening at Balephuil (John Bowler).

21st May

TIREE: An elusive female RED-BACKED SHRIKE showed  well briefly in the garden at Balephuil this morning (John Bowler).
MULL: A male HAWFINCH was at feeders in a garden (Victoria cottage) on Iona today (per Mullbirds).

HAWFINCH – Iona, Mull 21st May (Laurence Potter)

20th May

TIREE: GULL-BILLED TERN again today – in central Tiree first thing on my breeding wader survey and then all afternoon at Loch Riaghain (John Bowler).
COLL: A female/imm MARSH HARRIER was seen at Bousd, Coll yesterday 19 May (Mark Mitchell RSPB warden).

GULL-BILLED TERN – Tiree 20th May (John Bowler).
GULL-BILLED TERN – Tiree 20th May (John Bowler).
GULL-BILLED TERN – Tiree 20th May (John Bowler).

17th May

TIREE:GULL-BILLED TERN hawking over Loch a’ Phuill at midday today (the 3rd for Tiree & Argyll if accepted) – also 1 Little Egret and 1 Wood Sandpiper there (John Bowler).
ISLAY: A female/imm MARSH HARRIER was at the Gruinart reserve today (James How and also per visitor Jenny Wass).

MARSH HARRIER – Gruinart, Islay 17th May (Jenny Wass).
GULL-BILLED TERN – Loch a’ Phuill, Tiree 17th May (John Bowler).

16th May

Belated report of a COMMON CRANE – one was seen and photographed at Eastbacks farm, the Laggan, Kintyre on 6th May by Kevin Hamilton.

COMMON CRANE – Laggan, Kintyre 6th May (Kevin Hamilton)

14th May

COWAL: A Hoopoe  was a surprise for golfers our on the course at Blairmore and Strone Golf Club yesterday (Andrew Ferguson).

8th May

TIREE:  More Dotterels passing through Argyll today with 4 found on Tiree (John Bowler with Robert Coleman)

DOTTERELS – Tiree – 8th May (John Bowler).

6th May

COLONSAY: Following the earlier sightings on 5th May the handsome pair of Dotterels were fortunately captured by the camera of Alan Davis.

DOTTEREL – Colonsay – 6th May (Alan Davis).
DOTTERELS – Colonsay – 6th May (Alan Davis).

5th May

COLONSAY: A male and female Dotterel were feeding on the short grass of the golf course and showing well (Mike Peacock per J & A Smith)

1st May

MULL: A pair of GARGANEY at Craignure golf course today (Lizzy Grieve – Mull eagle ranger).

GARGANEY pr – Craignure, Mull 1st May (Lizzy Grieve)

28th April

TIREE: An adult GREATER YELLOWLEGS was on west side of Loch a’ Phuill today in the drizzle from 12.20 to 14.00hrs when it headed off high to the west (John Bowler). Two previous Argyll records – in 1985 and in 2002.

26th April

COLONSAY: A 2CY SABINE’S GULL was seen with c200 Kittiwakes between the Garvellachs and Colonsay – also 2 Arctic Skuas seen (David Jardine et al).

23rd April

ISLAY: Three DOTTEREL on the RSPB Oa reserve today (David Wood).

DOTTERELS – The Oa, Islay – 23rd Apr (David Wood).

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