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Recent Reports of scarce & rare sightings 2019

1st December

TIREE: David Jardine managed to get a photo of the male RING-NECKED DUCK at Loch a’ Phuill today.

drake RING-NECKED DUCK (centre) Tiree 1st Dec (David Jardine).

30th November

KINTYRE: Four LESSER type Canada Geese – likely TODD’s nr Campbeltown airport – size of nearby GWF Geese. Also 2 Greater Canada’s there for comparison (Eddie Maguire).

LESSER (TODD’S) CANADA GEESE – Kintyre 30th Nov (Eddie Maguire).

29th November

TIREE:  M + F RING-NECKED DUCK again at Loch a’ Phuill. Also a ‘Siberian’ CHIFFCHAFF in the garden at Balephuil (John Bowler).

‘Siberian’ CHIFFCHAFF Balephuil, Tiree 29th Nov (John Bowler).

27th November

MID-ARGYLL: The GREAT WHITE EGRET is still on Isle of Luing – islet off Cullippol (Jim Dickson/David Jardine).
TIREE: 1m and 1f Ring-necked Duck still at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).

GREAT WHITE EGRET – Luing, Mid-Argyll 27th Nov (Jim Dickson).

10th November

MID-ARGYLL: The GREAT WHITE EGRET was reported again – this time at Eilean Buidhe – west of Clachan Bridge, Seil Island (Hans Unkles per John Aitchison).

8th November

TIREE: A pair of Ring-necked Ducks (drake and female) new at Loch Bhasapol – presumably the returning pair from last winter. The Long-billed Dowitcher again with Golden Plovers at Sandaig and the Todd’s Canada Goose in with Barnacle Geese at Kirkapol (John Bowler).

30th October

TIREE: The 1cy LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER remains on the island in the Sandaig area. Also a ‘Siberian’ Chiffchaff at Balephuil to at least 29th Oct (John Bowler).

25th October

TIREE: A juvenile female RING-NECKED DUCK new at Loch a’ Phuill this evening, also a ‘Siberian’ CHIFFCHAFF in the garden at Balephuil (John Bowler).

22nd October

ISLAY: A BAIRD’S SANDPIPER was found at Loch Gruinart today along with Dunlin there (James How).
TIREE: Yesterday – the juvenile LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER in with Golden Plover and Curlew at Middleton – the long-staying bird, first seen on 5th Oct and TODD’S CANADA GOOSE again with Barnacle Geese at Balephetrish.

20th October

MID-ARGYLL: The long staying GREAT WHITE EGRET back again since Fri on Seil island – at Balvicar after a spell back on Luing.

GREAT WHITE EGRET – Seil, Mid-Argyll 20th Oct (David Jardine).
GREAT WHITE EGRET – Seil, Mid-Argyll 20th Oct (John Speirs).

18th October

COLONSAY: A RICHARD’S PIPIT was found on Oronsay today (David Jardine).

17th October

MULL: A LESSER WHITETHROAT was seen for 15 mins at Burnside, Lochdon today (Alison & John Harden).

16th October

ISLAY: A drake GREEN-WINGED TEAL was at Gruinart RSPB reserve today – seen from the south hide (Peter Roberts).

14th October

TIREE: A 1cy Red-breasted Flycatcher and Pied Flycatcher new in garden at Balephuil, Todd’s Canada Goose with 1,050 Barnacle Geese at Balephetrish, juv American Golden Plover again with over 1,000 Golden Plovers at Middleton and a new juv American Golden Plover at Loch a’ Phuill (John Bowler).

Juv AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER – Tiree 14th Oct (John Bowler).
PIED FLYCATCHER – Tiree 14th Oct (John Bowler).
RED-BREASTED FLYCATCHER – Tiree 14th Oct (John Bowler).

13th October

KINTYRE: A new YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER in garden at Port Righ (Carradale) today (Alasdair Paterson).

YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER – Kintyre 13th Oct (Alasdair Paterson).

12th October

ISLAY: Two 1cy WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS at Sanaigmore today (Richard Belter).
TIREE: A juvenile AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER was new at Middleton in flock of 770 Golden Plovers today (John Bowler).

WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER – Islay 12th Oct (Peter Roberts).
WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER – Islay 12th Oct (Peter Roberts).

11th October

ISLAY: Two white Lesser SNOW GEESE at Bridgend, Loch Indaal today in with the Barnacle Geese (Gary Turnbull) – also a small Canada (Cackling Goose?) there (Peter Roberts).
MID-ARGYLL: GREAT WHITE EGRET reported back on Luing nr Cullipool yesterday – had been on Seil recently (Drs Elizabeth & Edward Ormerod).

SNOW GEESE – Loch Indaal, Islay 11th Oct (Peter Roberts).

7th October

TIREE: A new YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was at Balephuil today – fifth on Tiree so far this autumn (John Bowler).

5th October

TIREE: A Juvenile LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER was on pools at Sandaig today – a new species for Tiree (John Bowler/Jim Dickson).
KINTYRE: A LITTLE EGRET flew south at Machrihanish SBO today (Eddie Maguire).
MULL: A YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was seen at the Millenium Wood, Duart Castle, Craignure on Fri 4th Oct (Anne Sinclair).

LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER – Tiree 5th Oct (Jim Dickson).
LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER – Tiree 5th Oct (Jim Dickson).
LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER – Tiree 5th Oct (Jim Dickson).
LITTLE EGRET – MSBO, Kintyre 5th Oct (Eddie Maguire).

3rd October

MID-ARGYLL: A GREAT WHITE EGRET was at Cullipool, Luing today (Lauren Leggett) – very probably the same bird that was on Mull last week.

GREAT WHITE EGRET – Luing, Mid-Argyll 3rd Oct (Lauren Leggett).

2nd October

MULL: A YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was at Java, Craignure (Nancy Somerville).
KINTYRE: Eight WAXWING on a Rowan at Calton Avenue, Campbeltown  (Alistair Anderson per Eddie Maguire).

YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER – Java Beach, Mull 2nd Oct (Nancy Somerville).

29th September

ISLAY: A 1cy RED-BACKED SHRIKE was at Genastle, The Oa RSPB reserve this morning – a shrike had been suspected there after Bonnie Wood spotted a skewered bumblebee on a barb wire fence yesterday (Phill Catton, Bonnie Wood).

RED-BACKED SHRIKE – The Oa, Islay 29th Sep (Phill Catton).

28th September

KINTYRE: A YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was in a garden at Port Righ (Carradale) today (Alasdair Paterson).
TIREE: Two YELLOW-BROWED WARBLERS today – one at Balephuil and a new bird at Vaul (Jim Dickson).

YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER – Port Righ, Knityre 28th Sep (Alasdair Paterson).

27th September

MULL: At Langamull this afternoon David Hatfield got images of what looks like a good candidate for an ISABELLINE WHEATEAR.

ISABELLINE WHEATEAR – Langamull, Mull 27th Sep (David Hatfield).
ISABELLINE WHEATEAR – Langamull, Mull 27th Sep (David Hatfield).

26th September

TIREE: An adult AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER was showing well at Baugh this afternoon (Jim Dickson). The YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER was again at Balephuil this morning (John Bowler).
KINTYRE: A 2cy MEDITERRANEAN GULL flew past Machrihanish SBO yesterday – early afternoon (Eddie Maguire).

AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER -Tiree 26th Sep (Jim Dickson).
MEDITERRANEAN GULL – MSBO, Kintyre 25th Sep (Eddie Maguire).

25th September

TIREE: A YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER new at Carnan Mor early morning (John Bowler).

YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER – Carnan Mor, Tiree 25th Sep (John Bowler).

24th September

MULL: A GREAT WHITE EGRET was at Pennyghael this morning (Bryan Rains). Update – the first sighting of this bird was at Bunessan on 20th Sep (per Bryan Rains).

GREAT WHITE EGRET – Pennyghael, Mull 24th Sep (Bryan Rains)
GREAT WHITE EGRET – Pennyghael, Mull 24th Sep (Bryan Rains)

20th September

ISLAY: A juvenile AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER was found at Machir Bay at 12.30pm – it flew inland and was later found again between Saligo and Ballinaby and back again at Machir Bay later (Jim Dickson/ David Jardine). A EUROPEAN TURTLE DOVE was on wires at Octofad Farm (Jim Dickson/ David Jardine).

TURTLE DOVE – Octofad, 20th Sep (Jim Dickson).
AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER – Islay 20th Sep (Jim Dickson).

19th September

TIREE: A EURASIAN REED WARBLER was in garden at Balephuil today (John Bowler).

15th September

TIREE: A juvenile BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER on west side of Loch a’ Phuill today (John Bowler).

12th September

TIREE: The Juvenile BAIRD’S SANDPIPER again briefly in SW corner of Gott Bay with Dunlin before heading off high towards Scarinish (John Bowler).
NORTH ARGYLL: No sign of the COMMON NIGHTHAWK at Loch Laich this morning (up to 11.30 am) – Jim Dickson.
MULL: A juvenile PECTORAL SANDPIPER was on the south shore of Loch na Keal (Mel & Mike Ricketts per Alan Spellman/Mullbirds) – still present on 14th (David Jardine) and 15-16th (Andrew Allport).

PECTORAL SANDPIPER – Loch na Keal, Mull 15th Sep (Andrew Allport).


11th September

NORTH ARGYLL: A COMMON NIGHTHAWK was reported from Loch Laich, nr Appin – flew down the estuary and over the Jubilee bridge and lost out of sight further down the estuary at 3:15pm (Ashley Cooper). Only one previous Scottish record – in Orkney on 12th Sep 1978.

5th September

TIREE: 1hr sea-watch from Aird, Tiree 0630-0730hrs in NW7 with rain bands produced (all heading W): 1 Sooty Shearwater, 1 Storm Petrel, 12 Bonxie, 4,917 Manx Shearwater, 55 Gannet, 31 Fulmar, 28 large auk, 8 Kittiwakes (all juvs), 2 GN Diver, 4 RT Diver (John Bowler). A Lapland Bunting at Beinn Hough – Tony O’ Connor

4th September

TIREE: A 1hr sea-watch from Aird at lunchtime in NNW8-9 with squalls produced (all heading W): 1 Leach’s Petrel, 1 Sooty Shearwater, 4 Arctic Skua, 7 Bonxie, 187 Gannet, 72 Manxie, 29 Fulmar, 17 large auk, 22 Kittiwake (16 juvs) and 1 RT Diver (John Bowler.  Also: 1 Leach’s Petrel and 4 Arctic Tern earlier in the morning off Aird (Keith Gillon & Tony O’Connor) and 2 Leach’s Petrel, 1 Grey Phalarope, 1 Storm Petrel, 2 Arctic Skua and 2 storm-petrel spp. in ca 3 hrs off Aird later pm (Keith Gillon & Tony O’Connor).
KINTYRE: At Machrihanish Seabird Obs – 7hr seawatch in a NW gale event f6 – 7.  The heaviest squalls produced a Grey Phalarope >S at 09:40hrs; bird was ‘on the doorstep‘ at ca 12 – 15m from MSBO window; great views for a couple of seconds but no chance of photos.  Also, a Leach’s Petrel >S at 11:35 (Eddie Maguire & Dee Brodie).
ISLAY: A juvenile PECTORAL SANDPIPER with Dunlin this afternoon on the Loch Indaal sands off Carnain (Jim Dickson).

PECTORAL SANDPIPER – Loch Indaal, Islay 4th Sep (Jim Dickson).
PECTORAL SANDPIPER – Loch Indaal, Islay 4th Sep (Jim Dickson).

3rd September

TIREE: A juvenile BAIRD’S SANDPIPER was found at Vaul golf gourse today (Keith Gillon).
KINTYRE: A shearwater seen and photographed off Machrihanish seabird obs yesterday is being claimed as a Barolo Shearwater  (Eddie Maguire).

Taken off MSBO, Kintyre on 2nd Sep (Eddie Maguire).
BAIRD’S SANDPIPER – Tiree 3rd Sept (John Bowler).

22nd August

COLL: Photos have come to light of a female SNOWY OWL that was at Grishipol/Cliad on 23 Apr (Rob & Dougie Wainwright). Likely the same female that turned up on St Kilda in early May.

SNOWY OWL – Coll 23rd April (Dougie Wainwright).


SNOWY OWL – Coll 23rd April (Dougie Wainwright)

21st August

TIREE: A seawatchs off Hynish in 1hr this morning produced 2 Sooty Shearwater, 5 Storm Petrel and 12 Puffins – also a Grey Phalarope later (John Bowler)

18th August

KINTYRE: A 1CY MEDITERRANEAN GULL came ashore briefly (but settled behind rocks) during a heavy shower at 10:22hrs then >S. (Eddie Maguire).
MID-ARGYLL: An imm LITTLE EGRET at Loch Gilp this morning (Jim Dickson).

15th August

KINTYRE: A 1CY MEDITERRANEAN GULL >S well offshore at 14:21hrs (Eddie Maguire).

MEDITERRANEAN GULL – MSBO, Kintyre 15th Aug (Eddie Maguire)

10th August

TIREE: A brief female TWO-BARRED CROSSBILL in garden at Balephuil 2.15-2.20pm this afternoon – it gave many piping alarm calls before heading off NW (John Bowler).
NORTH ARGYLL: An adult female GOSHAWK gave brief but excellent views on Lismore today (David Jardine).

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