Bird Surveys

Rookery Survey

Don’t forget the Club Rookery Survey in April – check the details in the March Eider.  All records of rookeries can be submitted to David Jardine at

Breeding Bird Survey

We are encouraging Argyll Bird Club members to take part in BTO Breeding Bird Survey fieldwork in Argyll. Maps showing the squares available for survey work are shown below. If you are interested in taking part in this interesting and worthwhile survey please contact Nigel Scriven e-mail:
The BTO would be very grateful for help surveying BBS squares in Argyll in order to improve our bird population trend estimates in Scotland. These maps show the locations of available BBS squares in the area (in red), and detailed OS maps can be seen by going to and replacing the grid reference in the web address with the grid reference of interest. Surveying a BBS square involves just two early-morning visits during the breeding season to count all birds seen or heard while walking around the square. More information, including the full instructions, can be found on the BBS website at

BBS Argyll squares
BBS Argyll squares